Don’t lose your social media game

Have you got game?

'You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone'. I never thought I'd be using this turn of phrase about social media.
Yet, that was my first reaction when I heard about NFL players recently receiving social media and cyber-security training, due to a series of hacks and mishaps on their accounts.
Social media has this tremendous power of influence. An influence that, due to its normality in our world now, we can easily forget. And in the instance of these players, we can very sharply be reminded of – especially if the effects are that we lose something. 

In a Twitter hack, NFL commissioner Roger Goodall was reported dead. Though the situation itself was easily rectified, it was concerning to the NFL that the account was at risk of being compromised. Hence, they have now employed the help of a cybersecurity firm to educate their players and respective families on social media safety and strategy.
In another incident, Miami Dolphins' Laremy Tunsil had his Twitter account hacked on Draft Day. Ten minutes prior to the draft, a video appeared on Tunsil's account of him smoking a bong attached to a gas mask. Before the hack, Tunsil was a top-three pick. But he was quickly completely removed from some draft boards and finally he was only selected as Miami Dolphins' 13th overall pick.

In today's landscape, losing control over your social media can mean you also lose credibility.

  • Get training. Hire an expert to educate your marketing and communications department on social media and cyber-security.

  • Remain educated. If you feel a bit behind in your social media know-how, but know the potential impact it could have, why not consider regular training sessions or outsourcing an expert?
  • Strategise. In the case of the NFL, losing control was about security. But losing control can also mean carelessness on social media. Ensure you have a succinct social media strategy in place, that completely aligns with your business values and communications.
Social media and digital can be an overwhelming space, due to the ever expanding web-isphere. It can be difficult to keep up, know what's on trend, and know the know-how. So, if you need some trendy know-how help, we're here. Send us an email (or a facebook or a tweet!)


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