The long and the short of keywords

Which keywords are right for you business?

As a small or medium-sized business in a saturated online marketplace, how can you cut straight through the noise to stand out amongst your competitors without a big business budget? 

Micro segmentation is one avenue that is growing in popularity, especially amongst smaller businesses, to achieve rankings in search results.
Let's focus on a specific micro segmentation method: targeting your very specific niche through very specific keywords called long tail keywords. Unlike the keywords you are likely accustomed to, of one or two words, long tail keywords may contain three or four words that are really specific. For example, it's the difference between searching 'plant retailers' and 'plants suitable for balconies'. 
It's easy to see that with the long tail keyword, you are targeting your niche far more directly.
How long tail keywords interact with search results:

The point is to maximise your return on investment by being specific. You will rank higher on search results when people have searched for particular products or services, meaning your prospects are far more qualified leads from the outset because they have started their search knowing exactly what they want -- and then, there you are!

Advantages of long tail keywords:

  • Your prospects are closer to a buying decision when you appear on search results 
  • Less competition
  • Cost per click is lower when bidding for paid advertising (due to less competition)
We recommend using long tail keywords alongside your existing keywords, to gain optimal reach and opportunity. As we know SEO is evolving to be more focused on the user experience of your prospects and customers, so it's necessary to keep up with these advancements in your strategy. And as always, if you need help with your SEO or writing website content drop us a line.


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