Timeless content

A classic is a classic

Completely clearing out my email inbox this week, I noticed a trend in my email opening and reading habits. 

Like me, I’m sure you’ve got unopened emails sitting in your inbox waiting for attention.

And I bet, while it seems counterintuitive, that those unread emails were not left in this state due to lack of interest. As a matter of fact, I found most of these emails were of greater interest to me than what I had already opened. Why? Timeless content. 

Quite simply, we can separate any type of content into two categories: timeless content and time dependent content. We do this all the time as we prioritise.

As the name suggests, timeless content will not expire in relevance or value if it is read much after its publication date. 

Time dependent content, however, is the kind of newsworthy, promotional, or updatable content that eventually expires, regardless of its original value. 

As in my case, where I had old unread emails that I had refrained from deleting, it was because I wanted to read them when I knew I'd have the time. As for the opened ones, they were urgent or seemed this way. 

Both types of content have their place, though the timeless content seems to be less common in the shark pit of clickbait that the internet has become. I propose we change that, and start producing more timeless content that can be reused, recycled, remembered -- and valued. 


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