Unexpected or unexceptional?

What surprises you?

You visit a restaurant expecting quality food -- and the service turns out to be spectacular. 

This is the reason we repute one business over another. 

You visit a city expecting monuments and history, and it's also vibrant with contemporary street culture. 

This is the reason you come back to this place repeatedly or dream of it when you return home.
You purchase a product or service from a company, who throws in some added extras you didn't ask for. 

This is the reason we favour particular brands.
It's all about the unexpected in these scenarios. You wanted a quality experience, but you were treated with extra special care.
Some businesses achieve the unexpected with hand wrapped products and hand written thank you notes. Others, with personal consultancy. Others, with tailored giveaways and promotions.
Do your customers expect you to provide them with extended and up to date knowledge of your products or services, educate them on industry or product updates, and notify them of special offers? No one expects this from a business, but it would be appreciated if it adds value. 
If you want to surprise your customers by going the extra mile online, that's what we specialise in. Give us a call and see what surprises we have ready for you.


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