The Domino Effect

The new way to deliver pizza

Pizza has come a long way since the Ninja Turtles. Technology has come a long way since remote control cars.

A pizza delivery robot. DRU is his name: Domino's Robotic Unit. Recently, the world saw the reveal of the world's first autonomous delivery vehicle.
Pizza and innovation are not two words I would typically associate with one another. I mean, a pizza is a pizza is a pizza. (Unless you've tried real Italian pizza and then you could debate for hours about what a “real” pizza is ... but don't get me started!)

How else does Dominos keep up with digital evolution

1) They have mobile apps available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, and Windows – including pizza tracker and offers apps.
2) Introduction of their GPS driver tracker application has reduced their driver incidents by 50% and allowed customers to access delivery information via the pizza tracker app. 
3) Online ordering. Domino's appears to ensure they make the online experience as easy as possible. For example, their “quick order” button which allows you to re-order a recent order. If you're anything like me, you always order the same pizza – so this is ultimate efficiency.

When we see technology evolving like this, it's important to look to leaders in the field and be inspired. What could we create? How can we enhance customer experience? Are we meeting the mark in terms of our own involvement in the digital world?


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