How customer touch points create loyalty

Get them listening and following

A loyal friend is one with whom you don't need to contact often for assurance of your relationship. But a loyal customer only sticks around when they are nurtured through regular frequency of contact- or what we call 'customer touch points'.

Touch points build trust and then work to maintain it, because no matter how well you can reach your audience 'on their level', a brand will always be relatively disposable. We encourage customer – brand relationships to be as personal and human as possible. Yet, the emotional investment is simply not the same as in other human to 

human relationships.

What are customer touch points that can build relationship?

Phone calls.
Do not underestimate the importance of phone calls, especially at the beginning of your sales funnel or new customer journey. It's almost too easy to send a digital message, and so a phone call reads as extra effort. Not to mention, simply, more personal.

Email newsletters.
Of all the customer contact channels, regularly scheduled email newsletters have the greatest ability to demonstrate that you are valuable. Creating content that serves the ongoing needs of your followers increases spend and repeat sales.

But how often should I email my customers? We recommend monthly sends- not too close together to run the risk of appearing like spam, and not too far apart that you've been forgotten by the time the next arrives.

Direct mail.
How about going old school, and sending a creative campaign by post? We've come to expect everything to be digital, so these campaigns can really grab attention if carried out with clever copywriting and design. And the best part? The aim is always to direct recipients back to your digital channels.

Think important updates, product launches, or even simple thank yous. Put your news in their hands.

Social Media.

There is something I will never tire of saying: social media is the digital word of mouth. And you don't need a Master's Degree in Business Marketing and Communications to know that word of mouth holds all the power. You should have a presence (which means regular posts, not just a profile) on at least one digital channel.

Don't know which channel is right for you? - Choose your channel.

Your contact management strategy should be about nurturing existing relationships, as well as establishing new ones. It is your loyal customers who are your backbone. Isn't it only fair to acknowledge the presence of the very thing that helps you to stand? These blog posts, for example, are a way we make touch points with you- providing you useful tips to aid your marketing efforts. Oh, hey there, old friend, give us a bell some time.


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