Hashtags are SEO for social media

#hashtags : More than just a social media convention

#hashtags : More than just a social media convention, or 'one for the millennials', hashtags can in fact act as a social media equivalent to SEO.
You've seen them around your social media sites, but do you realise how beneficial they can be to your marketing? Just as you would optimise your website for search engines (simple guide to SEO here), the # makes your social content discoverable, widening your reach.
How do hashtags work?

Think of a hashtag as a keyword with a # symbol before it. Their primary use is to make words, phrases, and topics findable on social media. Users can search social media sites according to a keyword, in the form of a hashtag. If you have hashtagged that keyword, your content should appear in search results.

Which hashtag(s) should I use?

The goal is to find a hashtag that is both relevant to the content and the services that you offer. You want to find a happy medium between being broad enough for general searches, but specific enough to draw your ideal customer- what might they be searching? If you are unsure on whether the hashtag is suitable, search for the hashtag and see who else is using this hashtag. Your competitors, perhaps?

Hashtagging on each social media platform:
If you are using Twitter for business, 2 hashtags per tweet is a good aim. Any more will chew into your already limited characters, and also can look spammy.

Although it is not “wrong” to hashtag on Facebook, there is much negative commentary about it. It hasn't really taken off on the platform and many people think it make you look like you're not so internet savvy.

Linkedin has recently introduced hashtags on to their App. As with Twitter, 2 hashtags in a suitable amount- though you could push it to 3 since you don't have the same character restriction. Although you can't use hashtags on the desktop version of Linkedin,, you do have the ability to enter 3 keywords which will serve the same function.

Hashtag etiquette

You cannot use spaces, punctuation, or special characters. If you do, it 'breaks' the hashtag- the idea is to have a whole phrase stuck together. #forexamplelikethis

Hashtags can be used in humour. It might act as a tongue in cheek side comment to your content. But I would recommend saving this usage until you've got the hang of these hashtagging for business under control.
Get your social media optimised, and start implementing hashtags into your social media and marketing strategy. If optimisation is what you need and you want some questions answered, then get in touch. We're here for #onlinemarketinghelp


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