Ditch demographics. Switch to behaviour marketing

Not everyone is the same

You are like your neighbour; they are like you. You have the same interests and tastes, and you like to buy the same things. Right? Most of you are likely to tell me I'm wrong, unless you moved in next door to all your closest friends. Even then, you'd probably tell me I'm wrong. And this is the problem with how businesses have traditionally segmented their markets.

We simply cannot assume that consumer behaviour is and will be the same, according to demographics. Especially in an increasingly personalised marketplace, where people expect all products and services to fit them like a tailored suit would. Something must change. There is a growing trend (arguably a necessity) to switch to behaviour based marketing instead.

The aim is not to disregard typical demographics based market segmentation; however, you will want to identify the niche groups within a target demographic. Technology now allows us to define micro target markets.

How to identify niche target customers:

  • Search is a self-segmenting tool. Thanks to the internet, customers are often micro segmenting themselves. With clever SEO, you can set up your content to reach specific niches by using keywords.
  • Personalisation in your website design is another self-segmenting tool. If customers are allowed to make choices on your site, through selecting categories or filters, they are sorting themselves into segments. E.g. having the ability to select price range or product features brings a consumer closer to a purchase without your having to create specialised product-based marketing. 
  • Existing customers are your biggest key. Watch their behaviour, analyse it and consider what differentiates one “young professional” who is your customer from the other “young professional” who is not. If you want a shining example of the move to behavioural segmentation, this article demonstrates North Face's transition into this marketing strategy
  • Interaction with online activity allows us, in turn, to track trends and adjust accordingly. The interests of customers will change over time and we need to pay attention to the data about how they interact. What are they clicking, reading, sharing? Watch the growth and continue appealing to those who are already your audience.

The age of the individual is not escaping us any time soon. So, if we want to be listened to, heard, noticed, and purchased from, we need to speak back to individuals. Behaviour marketing of this kind is your next step toward targeting the customers who want to hear from you.

And if you know who they are, but need help reaching them, we've got SEO tools, direct mail campaigns, and personalised newsletters for just that. Let's hit your market bullseye together.


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