3 strategies to kickstart your brand development

Where are you with your brand?

Why does a major corporation need to rebrand? Doesn't their success mean that they've already “got it right”? It seems not. Time to re-think our game plans.

Earlier this year, McDonalds launched new food packaging in the USA, as part of a rebranding aim “to be a modern and progressive burger company,” according to a  statement they released. With its brightly coloured block typography, it is clear that they are responding to and reflecting a modern aesthetic.

As time passes, trends, consumer behaviours, attitudes, and even the mechanisms that keep your business’s wheels turning will change. Thus, it is necessary to keep your brand strategy progressing, accordingly. You don't need to change the entire game plan, but you
do need to adapt to change. It is simply brand development. 

If you want to remain competitive and relevant in your market, you must play the game in accordance with the new 'rules'. 

Considering some rebranding? Here's 3 useful starting strategies:

If major corporations need to adjust their marketing (I'm reminded of Twitter's recent repositioning also), it's pretty safe to say that us smaller businesses need to work just as hard to reshape – if not harder. But remember, it doesn't have to be a major overhaul. 

You might simply decide that you want to communicate with your customers more frequently, or revise your social media strategy. Your brand is your face – let it be seen. We can help show you off, if you like.


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