Happy 25th Bday World Wide Web!

Check out the first web page!

The week of August 22 marked the 25th anniversary of the internet. Yes, this is the moment when the public gained access to the World Wide Web. We can thank computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee for the design of what forever changed how we connect to one another.

Most of us can’t imagine our day to day lives without internet access -- with more than 3.4 billion users worldwide -- yet it’s only in its 20s. Still so young! I guess that means it’s got more
to learn? And we have more to learn from it.

Taking a look at the world’s first web page, the online world has significantly matured and continues to grow. Check out the page, set your mind back to dial up connection.

Now: fast forward to the advent of social media, digital video, access to personal domains, and handheld devices which allow us “permanent” connection.

Today we have the opportunity to connect with customers 24/7, from anywhere, and through several mediums. When I really stop to consider this, I realise just how much possibility lies at our fingertips.

With advances and updates in constant motion, it seems that the online world is still buffering in a lot of ways. And we need to keep up with this online world, if we want the world to view our businesses as relevant. Connect with us, if you need some updating.


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