Strengthen your content strategy by perfecting your micro-content

Guide your customer to the next step

Small but powerful, micro-content could be the deciding factor as to whether prospects are engaging with your digital content or not.

Micro-content is the term for all those short pieces of text, seen on buttons, boxes, form fields, and error messages. Its function is to guide the user to the next step of a process, i.e. to continue interacting with your digital or website content.

These guides need to be as short, sharp, and snappy, as possible – because they can make all the difference to that pivotal moment: 'Do I continue on to the next step or leave it here?'.

You're just saying a few words, so it can't be that difficult … right? Wrong. It can be easy to overlook these small fields and pass them off as insignificant, but they are just as important to your content strategy as your long form content. Micro-content is one of the trickiest things to get just right. So...

How to create micro-content that encourages engagement:

  • Be clear.
    Clarity is what instils the customer with the confidence to continue. If they are uncertain what the next step is, they may give up.

    E.g. 'Register in one step' is clear-cut, whereas 'Register' might leave the customer hesitant or resistant – wondering how long it could take or what the process is.

  • Suggest what's next.
    While maintaining clarity, the power of suggestion still stands. You want to grab the customer emotionally, and rouse their curiosity.

    E.g. 'Do you know the key to excellent design?' is much more enticing than 'Click here for our design articles'.

  • Inject some personality.
    Maintain the tone of your brand by having some fun with your micro-content or by adding brand-specific terms.

    E.g. 'You're now on the track to travel discounts. Welcome aboard!' has some personality, as opposed to a standard: 'Thanks for joining our mailing list.'

  • Clear up any grey. 
    If there's room for error or misinterpretation, ensure you fill the gap before your customer finds it. Give clues and assurances, so that the customer experience is one of feeling supported and secure.

    E.g. Tell users why their password was incorrect, or assure them of exactly how their personal details will or won't be used.

Because your micro-content can lead to a much smoother user experience, it's somewhat of an art form and takes time and attention to craft. Attention to itty bitty detail is what you may not have time for, but what we are here for. 

Need our crafting hands to shape some words? Get in touch.


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