Tell stronger stories, together

Stories have multiple characters.

Stories have multiple characters. The main character of course has their own narrative, but notice how it is not entirely on their own that they can progress this story. With the help of others, they are able to fully express their will. 

As goes for your business story. You are the main character, but are you taking the opportunity to interact and collaborate with those around you? Their story can become part of yours, and you of theirs, and in doing so you both expand your personal narrative.

This week I found a masterful example of how partnership helps us propel our narrative forward. 

NHS Blood and Transplant has released a 'Missing Type' campaign (for the second year in a row, highlighting a drop in blood donation and appealing for new donors. The campaign removes As, Bs, and Os from iconic brand names and locations around the world. 

The benefit for NHS Blood is that they employ high profile influencers to help obtain a wider reach for their message. Their voice becomes louder. And for the influencers who have become involved - such as Microsoft, Santander, and Boots - they grow the social conscience of their brand. The story of their brand, which undoubtedly lodges itself into the consumer conscience, grows a new branch. 

Only through interacting with one another, yet each playing its own role, do both organisations reach a wider scope. 

Besides all that, I just think the campaign itself is extremely clever. Some marketing inspiration for us all to look to. Excellent work to the team at Engine, who are the masterminds behind the campaign. 


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