Shark bite turned marketing might

Have you got your Sapp vs. Shark tee shirt yet? 

Apparently, there are no limits to what you can transpose into a marketing ploy.

American Football Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp, got a shark bite while on a fishing trip recently. In good humour, he tweeted, "Shark got a bit of me. We got Dinner. #Winning".

One might think that this alone is a commendable reaction. But the story doesn't end there. Within 24 hours, Sapp vs. Shark t-shirts had been made and were ready to order. I guess there's really no limits to what you can turn into marketing.

As marketers, how many events are happening in and around our businesses every day that we are not taking advantage of? What messages can we transpose into marketing stories? Are we laughing at ourselves enough? Reminding our customers we're human?

While everyone might not jump to buy a Sapp vs. Shark t-shirt, they
will definitely remember the story.


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