Taking command of your brand

Take command

'From Commander in Chief to couch commander', President Obama took command of his personal brand this week. Demonstrating how we can adapt the story of our brand, President Obama has released a spoof video about his imagined life after office.

As a public figure, Obama has had a brand image to maintain over the years. And while he has certainly dipped his toes into the waters of good humour, he is reinventing his image on a whole new level:

Just like public figures, we as businesses have the power to change or adapt our business story at any time. If our internal structure changes, it only makes sense to shift the tone of our brand accordingly.

Obama chose to communicate his brand shift with his audience, via this video. As a business, we might communicate our changes through our regular customer communication (email newsletters, social media) or via a one-off direct marketing campaign. The important thing is that we plan our transition ahead of making the major shift in our rebrand. We need a strategy.

Planning a rebrand and need help with your business story? We can help you communicate with your customers.


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