Unleash fun to unleash attention

3 ways to fill your marketing with an air of fun:

Hillary Clinton went down in history as the first woman nominated for US presidency by a major party. But something rather more lighthearted took all the attention: 100,000 balloons. After Bill Clinton loped about in childish fervour, hitting and throwing the balloons, the internet blew up with gifs and memes. It doesn’t get much more serious than presidential candidacy, yet it was fun that stole the day. 

Events such as this act as a friendly reminder to marketers that seriousness doesn’t necessarily pay off, even if you are in a ‘serious business’. What was the last campaign you saw or received that really captured your attention? I would hazard a guess that it involved humour, joy, or an overtly amiable tone. 

3 ways to fill your marketing with an air of fun:

  1. Add a fun or personal section to your newsletter communications - pictures, videos, quotes, jokes, or anecdotes. This is a great subconscious reminder to your customers that there are humans creating and sending these
  2. Create something unexpected. Go beyond what your customers believe they’ve bargained for. The extra unexpected details are what make brands memorable.
  3. Have a sense of humour. Is there a stereotype about your industry that you could use, to play on? Or have you made a mistake recently? - own up to it and laugh about it. You are human, remind people of it!

Remember however, although it worked for Hillary and Bill, this doesn’t mean you have to be using gifs and memes if they don’t align with the tone of your brand. Have fun but of course, use what’s right for you. After all it’s your Bizstory and nobody else’s.


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