Video: a word of mouth tool

What was the last captivating video you watched?

With the accessibility of information and how fast sharing happens in today's digital space, video has become a major contributor to viral content. Moving images allow the audience a 'real' or emotional connection to video. People relate to what appears more human, bringing up feelings of empathy, compassion, desire, nostalgia, joy, or the classic schadenfreude. Maybe sometimes people just want to watch a cat jumping off a table, tripping, and face planting the floor ... or a human. The point is, they're engaged and video draws a level of connection and attention that no other media platform on the internet is quite keeping up with. Thus the importance of video in the 21st century.

YouTube, Vimeo, Vines, Snapchat, Vevo, Instagram, Facebook Live -- a few commonly known media platforms that captivate audiences through the use of video. As a business, there are many ways we can attract our audience via these platforms: advertising campaigns, testimonials, how-to videos, filmed social experiments, to name a few.
Moreover, video is easy to digest -- in a simple click, we can passively consume information. Some platforms have now even implemented auto-play, so the audience doesn't even have to lift a finger. Before we know it, we've watched a cat face planting the floor, the fridge, the fish tank, and the glass door. 
And then: we tell our friends about it. Either by word of mouth, or by a simple share on the internet. Have you seen that guy who nearly gets eaten by a shark?!

Which is actually fake by the way. One of eight viral videos released by Australian outfit, The Woolshed Company. But we talked about it, didn't we? It created a buzz. Video may reign, but largely thanks to the most longstanding marketing tool: word of mouth. 

Again, we see that content needs to be digestible and easy to share, if we want our marketing to make an impact. Have you considered video for your next campaign, post, newsletter send out, or website update?


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