The cost of not upgrading your website

Why this decision will cost your business more than you think

Why this decision will cost your business more than you think

Why your website matters.

Your customers are constantly on the go and consumed by mobile technology -- to the point of walking into the path of an oncoming car while Googling the meaning of life

So, of course they’ll search for your business online BEFORE they contact you.

(Spoiler alert: this is probably the most important takeaway from this article. If you haven’t succeeded in impressing your customer with your website, you’ve already lost their attention. Think of this as Darwinism in marketing. But what does survival of the fittest mean in this case? Never underestimate the importance of updating your website.)

This makes your website as essential to landing new business as being well-dressed for an interview is to landing a new job.

Yet, how do you know if you’ve managed to develop a website your customer thinks is “pretty neat”? And while you might have just launched new website two years ago, how can you be certain it’s still rating highly with prospective customers?

There are key areas to investigate if you want to know whether it’s time for a website update.

Three key areas that tell you volumes

1. Your website’s design

It’s superficial but we’re all guilty of being lured in by product packaging that we find attractive. If it didn’t matter, brands wouldn’t invest big dollars into getting the look and feel of their communications and products “just right”.

So it follows, your website design has to look modern and be as “sexy” as possible to prospective customers. If it’s looking a little bit 1999, or it fails to represent the look and feel of your brand correctly, it’s time for a update.

2. Your website's functionality

We’ve probably said this before, but: if it’s broken, you have to fix it.
Websites with following issues need help straight away:

  • Images that take an eternity to load, 
  • Cumbersome navigation menus, and/or
  • Broken links 

It all spells lost revenue.

While you may have taken the time to nail the design, you just lost your prospective customer by presenting an online communication tool that doesn’t work. It’s much like delivering a broken product or offering substandard service ...

Your customer will jump to the next website in a nano second to flirt with your main competition.

3. Your website’s content

Once your website’s design and functionality are tested, your website content seals the deal (or breaks it).

Looking at format: is your content grouped into an intimidatingly large blocks? Or is it nicely broken up, featuring attention grabbing titles and informative subheads that lead your eye down the page. Check out the examples below, which one is more visually appealing?

If your prospective customer is turned off by the look of your text, they’re gone burger ... 

If your customer doesn’t immediately grasp why it’s worth their time to read more, expect them to bounce.

Of course there’s a bit more to consider in regard to your website content:

  • Is there a great brand story your customer can identify with?
  • Is your brand personality and voice shining through? 
  • Is your content properly optimised for search engines (SEO)? 
  • Is your website optimised for viewing with a mobile device?

The ultimate question you should ask

If the question “why update your website” is still an internal debate, try the following question on for size:

Is the website a good reflection of your business as it stands today?

If your website:

  • Displays outdated products and services 
  • Doesn’t work the way users would expect
  • Doesn’t match your company’s current branding or 
  • Fails to tell a great story, then ...

It’s time for an update

How often should you evaluate your website?

We recommend an annual checkup. However, if something significant is about to happen within your business, such as a re-brand or product launch, these events would mark the need for updated website content and SEO.

Don’t walk away empty handed

Your existing and prospective customers are your biggest critics and your most enthusiastic fans. (Overwhelming sometimes, eh?) It’s worth getting one of your most -- if not the most -- important business communication tools right: your website.

If you think now is the right time for an update, please get in touch

We’re gaga for web content writing and SEO, and we also know a few great web designers.


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