How to create mobile-friendly content

Be relevant

When digital content isn't user-friendly on my mobile, I give up on it. I think, 'There are plenty more websites or newsletters to choose from, I'll find another source.' There are plenty of streamlined fish in the digital sea.

If we listen to the statistics, we cannot ignore the reality that mobile-friendly design is not only important but necessary. Why?

Let's talk Google, for a start. 

Mobile-friendly landing pages and blog articles rank higher in Google's mobile search results. This fact alone should be enough to convince you; it's pretty difficult to ignore ‘Capital G:The king of search’.

But let's also talk local. 

In a comparative survey conducted by Research New Zealand, about device use, figures show that “smartphone ownership/access has increased sharply since 2013 (from 48% in 2013 to 70% in 2015)”. Not only has ownership increased but so has the quantity of engagement: 91% use their smartphone every day, 53% their laptop or PC, and 52% their tablet or iPad.

Clearly, having your digital content optimised for mobile should be part of your communications strategy. 

Let's look at how to create content for mobile devices:

Compact menus
(including drop-down menus). 

Strip menus back to the most essential categories, and use calls to action throughout your content to direct users elsewhere. 

Minimise text length

This is not to say that long form content is not allowed. But there are some measures you can always take:

  • Use preview text and 'read more' links on landing pages
  • Consider re-writes if information is unnecessarily long or complex
  • Adjust your strategy to set maximum word limits for any content you produce

Resize images. 

Large images not only cause slow loading times, but also appear awkward and on a mobile screen.

Avoid pop-ups. 

Creating a positive user experience with mobile devices is key. While pop-ups are favoured by marketers, they annoy anyone trying to read your content on a smartphone. Yes, we want more sales, but showing what you know through great content is more valuable in an environment where ad blocking is increasingly more common.

Content for mobile should be a crucial part of your digital strategy. 

If it's too difficult to engage with you on mobile, customers go where they can easily get answers to their questions. Get your content mobile optimised and responsive, before your customers swim into the sea of other choices available to them. 


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