Launch your products with your business story

What is your story?

Mankind has been sharing information in the form of stories since ancient times. Initially a spoken tradition, storytelling allowed us to share knowledge about the dangers we face and theorise about our origins.

The mediums for sharing stories has changed over time, but the artform remains the same. Modern media and technology work together to get the word out faster than ever before with word of mouth still playing a strong role.

Stories sell products and ideas because people often connect emotionally with well-crafted narratives. If you want to know how to launch a new product in the market, you must know how to 

tell a great story. 

To dissect the art of storytelling, let’s take a look at the archetypical pattern of narrative documented by Joseph Campbell, master mythologist and writer.

Telling the story of your product launch:
(Using Joseph Campbell's Act One of the Hero's Journey Structure)

  1. THE ORDINARY WORLD. The Hero is facing a situation or dilemma, causing stress within their normal surroundings.
    - Your customer is our Hero. They have a need that is unfulfilled, which causes a problem or tension in their world. (But, little do they know, your product is the answer!)
  2. THE CALL TO ADVENTURE. Tension has built and the situation can no longer stay as it is. The Hero must seek out change and is presented with possibilities.
    - Your customer realises that something must change. What is the answer they seek? Enter: your product.
  3. REFUSAL OF THE CALL. The Hero feels fear of the unknown and expresses objections to the call.
    - Your customer is interested, but has concerns that your product might not be perfect for them. That it’s “too this” or “not enough that” or “how does it work”?
  4. MEETING WITH THE MENTOR. The Hero is given advice or further information from a Mentor who is an expert in their field.
    - You, as a business, are our Mentor. Here’s where you provide answers to possible objections, painting your product as the best solution for your customer.
  5. CROSSING THE THRESHOLD. The Hero decides to leave the 'Ordinary World', and enters the 'Special World'.
    - Your customer, seeing that it really is the best solution, buys/uses your product. Of course, this activity makes their world more special.

This is the journey you want to take prospective customers on as they consider buying your new product. The golden nugget: you want to get your customer to cross the threshold.

Work through your campaign for your new product and ask if you are telling a story, complete with these first 5 steps. Combine your BizStorywith that of your customer's personal story, and you’ll find yourself on a Hero's journey.


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