Nail first impressions with our homepage tips

Your website homepage represents your business

Your website homepage represents your business in the way that your clothing serves as an extension of your individuality.

It’s also the basis for first impressions and many people form opinions within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone new.

Sure, we like to avoid superficiality and hope others recognise we are so much more than what our clothing communicates. But the truth is that first impressions can make or break as people are quick to make judgements.

So what makes a positively memorable homepage? Let's open your digital wardrobe and choose the best look.

The basics: The foundation for your homepage simply must be concordant with the core of who your business is. (Are you a suit and tie brand, or t-shirt and jandals brand?) 

- The most essential element is that it should be immediately clear who you are and what you do. Choose keywords and images that best embody your brand. Include a brief background of your company, and/or customer testimonials, where necessary. 

Style: Once you've covered the basics, it's important that homepage design also reflects the wider categories to which you belong. (Is your style more mix and match or perfectly coordinated?)

- Of course you want to be different. But it's important that your imagery and wording reflect the tone of your industry and the market you are targeting. SEO is a necessary tool for making your website discoverable and relevant to your wider audience.

Finishing touches: The details are always the final consideration, but they are most important to your BizStory. (How many patterns is too many patterns?) 

- When it comes to website homepage content, the key is getting the right balance between too much information and not enough. How few words can you use and still be understood? Be sure to steer clear of too much jargon, too – this is one of many website mistakes.

Once you work through from the basics to the finishing touches, the result should be succinct yet perfectly nuanced homepage content. If you're struggling to piece it all together, we're here to be your digital stylist- darling. Let's start with the basics.


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