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Here are some of the SME articles we created for Greenlane Penrose Optometrist.

SME article example 1 – What causes convergence insufficiency?

SME article example 2 – How is myopia (nearsightedness) caused?

SME article example 3 – Treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction – what are your options?

Check out why Greelane Penrose Optometrist works with BizStory below...

Greelane Penrose Optometrist

When an optometrist sought better vision...

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with our health. 

The gym has become a regular fixture in our lives. We’re constantly watching what we eat. It’s all about getting the right nutrition and the right amount of exercise to build and maintain better muscles and a better lifestyle.

Our eyes, however, are often overlooked muscles. Which is a little ironic, as we’re increasingly demanding more from them.

Just think about how much time we spend staring into digital devices like:

  • computers
  • tablets 
  • and phones

And not just for work – our eyes are taking a hit during our recreational time too!

Jenny Ogier from Greenlane Penrose Optometrist was determined to make more people aware of the importance of eye care and health. Her customers needed to know how life-altering a change in their vision could be.  More importantly, how they could potentially prevent a decrease in vision and avoid disease by looking out for the telltale signs.

But how could she get her word out? What was the best way to get her vision across?

How BizStory flipped the script

As a business owner, Jenny recognised she just did not have the time to write on a regular basis.

Her goal was to share topical information like new advancements and discoveries, as well as persistent issues regarding eye care and health. 

Jenny contacted us to help her create this content. 

Choosing our crafty 12-pack of SME articles, Jenny and our team sat down and drew up a monthly plan of important topics to share with her customers. During this time, we also pinpointed her tone and voice. Informative and accessible, Jenny’s voice was one her customers trusted, so it was crucial to get it right. 

Since signing onto our SME articles package, Jenny has seen a big spike in customer engagement, including regulars popping into the store and thanking her for the insightful articles. 

A constant piece of feedback has been about the length of the content – it was the perfect amount. Not too brisk, but not too overwhelming either. Frankly, it was easy on the eyes.

Want to see how you can get articles written?

If you want help with devising a content plan, find out more about our promoted articles service. We’re here to help.


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