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SheffMed gets a website checkup

A website with the right tools

SheffMed, a surgical and medical products supplier, got their IT company to build them a website and asked BizStory to craft their web content.

The website provides procurement teams and medical practitioners, easy-to-read content.

Web content example: www.sheffmed.co.nz

Check out why SheffMed worked with BizStory below...

SheffMed Medical Supplies

For medical suppliers, a website exists to function as an online brochure.

Which means the site needs to be up to date and fresh.

A well-written website also performs as the perfect avenue to showcase expertise and build trust.

Aware they needed to refresh the content on their website, Perry Nichols was eager to demonstrate and reaffirm SheffMed as one of New Zealand’s leading surgical and medical providers. It was also important to establish SheffMed as a family-run team who truly cares about looking after their customers.

Surgeons and medical professionals are the ones who save the lives of our loved ones.

A website dedicated to helping them find the best surgical and medical tools shouldn’t be harder to comprehend than the thickest textbooks they had to study.

Cue the BizStory team

Hearing about us through word of mouth, Perry asked BizStory to refresh his website content.

BizStory content refresh

Along with updating the technical aspects of the content, Perry wanted to inject a professional yet family-orientated focus throughout the site.

After defining his voice as down to earth and qualified, we began our own type of study – a crash course into the functions and features of the instruments in SheffMed’s catalogue. This meant getting familiar with a wide range of technical procedures, including plastic and reconstructive surgery.

One of the perks of creating content for our customers is the behind-the-scenes pass we get to their “show”. By integrating ourselves with the technical side of SheffMed, we were able to get immersed in a variety of different and interesting worlds. It’s not every day you get to write about liposuction!

Since updating their website with the new web content, Perry and his family have noticed more enquiries rolling through.

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