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Novotel Darwin Airport Hotel

Darwin Airport Hotels flew with our promoted articles

Our promoted articles package has helped to make Darwin Airport a must-see destination. 

Check out one of the promoted articles below:

Article example 1 – The Darwin Festival kicks off

Article example 2 – Kakadu bird week is back

Article example 3 – Million Dollar Fish: the catch of a lifetime

See the results delivered and learn why the Darwin Mercure and Novotel hotels along with their digital agency chose to work with BizStory...

Check in with Darwin Airport Hotels

“If you build it, they will come.”

We’ve all heard this saying in some shape and form, but when it comes to your customers, it means making your place a true destination, it's about creating some buzz and getting people excited to see you.

The Darwin Airport Hotels team was ready to make this kind of splash – especially when they had luxurious pools to entice travellers and locals with. 

But what was the best way to get Darwin Airport Hotels on the map?

How BizStory redirected the route

Their digital agency invited us to stay and write the content

Mercure Darwin Airport Hotel

Eager to let people know about their beautifully landscaped facilities and premises, the Darwin Airport Hotels management team contacted their digital agency to come up with a plan to attract more visitors.

One idea that gathered steam pretty quickly was to build an online presence through various social media channels. Only problem? They needed content.

Hearing about BizStory through the grapevine, the agency suggested trying us out. 

Wanting to test the waters before taking a dip with us, Darwin Airport Hotels trialled out our one-off article option. After defining their brands tone, voice and business objectives through our workshop, we delivered our article to Darwin Airport Hotels.

Soon after, the management team decided to upgrade from the Essential to the Elite option with our monthly promoted article packages. Carefully written for placement on their social channels, the promoted articles have the ability to function on their own or bolster an already established social strategy.

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Click here to download the case study created by Darwin Airport Hotel and their digital agency.


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