BizStory article case study: hitting the ground running for ASICS

This iconic sporting brand was heading in a new direction. How did we turn their NZ campaign into a winner?

The team at ASICS had big plans. They were launching a new ecommerce website to sell their sports gear online, and an SEO campaign to go alongside it. Recognised internationally as one of the top sports brands, ASICS continues to be leaders in creating innovative yet comfortable sports footwear and apparel.

They had a winning marketing strategy, but were missing a key player

They needed well-written articles to support their brand and events they were running. Emma, their marketing manager, knew they needed an online content specialist, and reached out to us at BizStory.

ASICS wanted someone that would become a part of their team. Not just that, but become a star player, and bring expertise to their blogs. As is the case with so many growing businesses, they didn’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

A Kiwi spin on a global brand

A globally recognised and renowned brand, ASICS wanted to build this brand in New Zealand. But for this, they needed a different game plan. We came on board to localise their content for a Kiwi audience.

This meant more than just throwing in a few colloquialisms. We needed to write on a range of topics (and in a tone) that New Zealanders would resonate with, whilst showcasing the brand and staying informative.

Content that could play the field

ASICS would be placing certain articles not just on their own blog, but across different websites. This meant that the tone, topic choices and research had to be adaptable. For example, articles for to be shared on the AUT Millennium website had to be technically focussed and informative, for an educated audience.

Meanwhile, articles for the ASICS website varied from lifestyle and running advice to announcing a new product.

Playing ball with the ASICS team

Now we may not all be yoga fanatics at BizStory, but we’re damn flexible when it comes to working in a team. This means we were able to work with and around the ASICS marketing team and their campaigns.

To this day, we bring knowledge and expertise of online content to create articles that go the distance. We work closely with our SEO partners, InsightOnline, to craft winning content that actually gets the goal (in case you’re lost amongst sports puns, we’re talking about driving traffic to the ASICS website).

Getting the ball rolling – our process

So, we got stuck in to help ASICS pick up their game. The team at BizStory built a topic plan around their marketing calendar, which was varied to say the least.

This range of content meant we were always wearing different hats:

  • Showcasing ASICS news and latest product launches, like the 21st edition of their flagship GEL-Nimbus
  • Covering seasonal topics: think marathons, rugby and netball.
  • Conducting interviews with ambassadors and sportspeople. This was both over the phone and in person, bringing the articles alive with with a range of voices and expertise.

We would also write articles to support some of ASICS’ ongoing marketing and social media campaign, such as Kicks for Kids, I Move Me and Netball Smart.

And, of course, we’re seasoned professionals when it comes to evergreen content. We write timeless articles that continue to add value to a brand long after their publication date.

The final score

ASICS were aiming high, and the team at BizStory brought our A-game. With content expertise, flexibility and ability to work with their marketing strategy, we were able to provide exactly what the team at ASICS were looking for.

We love to play with words. If you’re looking for beautifully crafted articles or web content to bring your brand to life, talk to us at BizStory. We’d love to join your team.


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