Ecommerce product content for ASICS

Content product: Product content for ecommerce

Content product: Product content for ecommerce

Playing the field – check out a few of our content pieces with ASICS!

From revamping their ecommerce product content to creating front-running promoted articles, we were absolutely stoked to play ball with Team ASICS. 

Here are only a few of the content pieces since we have been playing together:

Check out why the digital marketing team at ASICS NZ worked with BizStory below...

Getting the ball rolling with ASICS

Recognised internationally as one of the top sports brands, ASICS continues to be leaders in creating innovative yet comfortable sports footwear and apparel.

In a strategic effort to raise their online game, the ASICS team picked up some new moves, particularly with the launch of their ecommerce website and online presence. They were determined to keep up with the competition, particularly in the New Zealand region.

How BizStory drew up a new gameplan

The ASICS marketing team initially got in touch with BizStory to help with refreshing their website content.

Incorporating an SEO strategy that the marketing team at ASICS created with their digital agency, we set out to help ASICS get found easier and faster online.

The strategy was to write the content for their ecommerce product categories. 

While the content here is much shorter than your typical website page, it made the work no less demanding. It’s like comparing sprinting to long-distance running. Luckily for us, we had the right apparel to win the race.

Realising we were more than benchwarmers, the ASICS team asked us to join their starting content squad, purchasing our monthly promoted articles package. 

Now we're playing together every month to stay on top of the competition.

Are you ready to run with BizStory?

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