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What is the value of content?

This is a question we often hear when people begin to refresh their business. More often than not, people understand and recognise content can make or break them.

Well written content allows readers to get involved with your brand whereas poorly scribed words can sink your reputation quicker than Usain Bolt on a racetrack.

What exactly can content do for you online?

Good content should be more than just nicely put together words that make you look and sound good.

Well, it should definitely do that, but it should also do several other things at once – your written content should be layered.

Your content needs to:

  1. Rank online
  2. Establish you as an expert in your field
  3. Progress your story

Content also needs to be regularly created if you want to stand out against the competition. Content, after all, is communication. You need to keep it regular and approachable if you want to keep people interested.

1. Pull rank with your content

This might seem obvious, but it is really important when ranking highly for search engines such as Google: your content needs to be original and genuine.

Think of any cheesy guy in a bar using pick-up lines – he is generally ignored and laughed at. Don’t be that guy. Be better.

"Easy reading is damn hard writing." - Nathaniel Hawthorne

This means your content cannot be copied and pasted. Yes, you can reference other authorities in the industry, but you need to create fresh, relevant material.

But what is relevant?

Do a bit of research – what are your potential clients searching for? What are the keywords or phrases used to describe their issues?

By correctly implementing SEO keywords into your content – i.e. not keyword stuffing your copy – you can get your business a better chance to pop up as one of the first options to help the person in need of your service.

But it’s not just about keywords. Search engines like Google want quality.

And it makes sense – the higher-quality the search results, the more people will come back to use the search engine again for their next search.

Again, this requires research as Google constantly updates its algorithm depending on what it determines is the most valuable and relevant content.

Know what people are looking for and capitalise on it. It is easier written than done, but it really is that simple.

2. Be a regular expert

As mentioned before, providing regular content is a good thing. It solidifies you as not only someone they can trust, but as someone regarded as an expert.

Writing about relevant topics in your industry positions you as an expert.

This means your content needs to have an authentic perspective on a specific issue or trend within an industry. This also means having a point of difference in a discussion that many other people have already written about.

“Content is king.” - Bill Gates

So how do you tackle a subject from a new point of view?

Do your research and use your own experiences. Say you’re a web agency talking about benefits of a mobile app. What’s already been said about this topic? What can you add?

Add your own spin to it. This can include giving an opinion or well-thought out prediction on the issue of hand.

3. A story worth reading

A good story can be the difference between success or failure.

The greatest product in the world will go untouched if there is no story behind it. On the other hand, we’ve seen some average products dominate their competition because their story pops and gets people talking.

People love reading stories. Especially easy to read ones.

Giving potential clients a glimpse to what motivates you makes you more approachable. It humanises the brand. So tell yours. Share why you got started in your business. Get people excited about your journey – where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going.  

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” - Lee Odden

Making sure your content hits these three objectives (ranking, expertise, and story) as well as being delivered regularly will only help you become more approachable to someone needing your services.

The bottom line: by understanding the value of your content you can add more value to your business.

Ready to combine your nifty design with some expertly crafted layered content? We reckon it could be a good recipe for success. Get in touch and let’s get cooking!

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