Rebranding – ready to transform?

Is it time for a rebrand?

Here are some tips for becoming the super version of you

It’s time. You have decided to rebrand – you want to transform into something bigger, tackle more daring stuff. You want to become something truly super.

But how do you rebrand? How do you make the big leap?

After all, it’s much more than just changing your brand name and email address.

While your values and beliefs will generally remain the same, you have to showcase your new “powers” in a way that truly resonates with regular clients and makes sense to them as well as people who have just found you for the first time.

So what should you consider when you are ready to rebrand?

A rebrand generally means a name change, new messaging, and fresh imagery.

The process of rebranding can redefine the entire brand identity or simply refresh it.

You need to identify why you are rebranding. Doing this will allow you to pinpoint how to flex your muscles.

Reasons for a rebrand may include:

  • a merger
  • goals shifting in a new direction
  • revamping a brand that no longer connects with an audience

When you recognise your reason(s) for a rebrand it will help you develop the visual elements that will communicate your brand.

You want all your visual elements to be on the same page. Your message needs to be consistent and honest to your target audience. This trickles down to even how you answer the phone. You need to make sure every element in your business is realigned.

You need reveal your values simply and powerfully while also relaying the direction you envision future growth.

Your website is a powerful tool

Your website is the single most important communication and business development power in your rebrand repertoire.

A website is the perfect platform to tell your story as it is generally the first place a new client will learn more about you. This means your website is your first impression. You need to make sure your website reflects your values and goals perfectly.

It is not an exaggeration to say that a website is the heart of your online presence. After all, a website is built on the foundation of your messaging architecture.

Along with your social media activity, your website is the full expression of where you want to stand and – more importantly – where you want to go.

Our rebranding journey

This past year, while meeting new customers, we would often get asked us what our name meant. What exactly was “online marketing”?

While our original brand name, Online Marketing Agency Group (OMAG) wasn’t too shabby, we soon realised it wasn’t enough.

Rebranding, as we have noticed throughout the process, involves a lot of work. It means reflecting on who you are and what you can offer to people. You have to establish your personality.

We love writing stories for businesses, but we naturally tend to be a bit more laidback and playful. We thought the name BizStory was a good start for our rebrand. It reflected our interest and love for business stories, but wrapped up in a “professionally playful” way.  

We decided to try out the name on several close friends. While a few understood what we were aiming for, we realised people wanted more. As in, “What do you get?”

The answer was “web content.” So BizStory Content it was!

How we rebranded online

In our case, it wasn’t just the name that needed a “makeover”.

We realised we needed to spruce our website to include some of the new tricks we’ve learned over the last year. Again, this isn’t a copy and paste type of job. We understood it would take time – lots of time – but we know good things take time.

Understanding the importance of regularly reviewing your brand

If there is one thing we can recommend to anyone wanting to stay consistently relevant in the business world, it is to review “who you are”.

This kind of self-reflection has helped us hone in on our core brand and meant we can better engage with our customers.

Up up, and away with your rebranding!

The sign of a successful brand is when it reflects the company’s values, purpose, and future.

Once you have those on track, you then have to decide to how to promote your new brand. Our tips for the final stage:

  • Develop a rebranding strategy with short term and long term goals. Involve an experienced partner. 
  • Give rebranding the attention it deserves and the rewards will follow.
  • A good rebrand will clearly establish the purpose and direction of the new brand. It will naturally increase awareness and confirm your expertise within your industry.

If there is one final takeaway to hand out, it is to remember not to rush it. Don’t try to skip steps. Make sure you are firing on all cylinders when you launch the new brand.

Are you ready to show your superpower colours? We are here to help you create the right buzz – we love introducing (or reintroducing) brands to the world. Get in touch!

Image above courtesy of Cory Denton


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