6 Reasons why you think you don't need a content writer

...and why you probably do

You need a content writer

There are many objections to not hiring a professional content writer for a business website. Let’s look at the six we hear most often, and discuss to see whether these objections are valid.

1. I don’t need content

Sound surprising? It’s an objection we hear often. Many business owners think websites are all about design and photos, and that words don’t enter into this equation. In our experience, a good website is always made up of these three things:

Technology that is:

  • secure
  • fast
  • functional

Design that is:

  • beautiful
  • easy to navigate
  • responsive

Content that:

  • tells your business story in a way that’s easy to understand
  • is specifically written for the web
  • is search-engine friendly without being stuffed full of keywords, making it boring and illegible, and often doesn’t even fool Google

2. OK, but I don’t need much content

It’s actually much harder to write concisely than to ramble on… and on and on.

Like artists who can paint a figure with just a few brushstrokes, content writers are trained to convey the right message in just a few, carefully-chosen words.

Online readers have super-short attention spans. Being able to hook them in immediately is crucial.

You also might need more content than you think:  it all depends on your business needs. In order for you to rank on Google, you need a certain amount of words, as well as the right keywords. A content writer will know how to best achieve your goals.

3. I can do it myself

There are many good writers out there. You may even be one. You may have written a successful book, a helpful brochure or a much-needed manual.

Thing is, writing for the web is a beast of a different colour. And it’s a constantly evolving art.

Content writers work directly with website designers, so they know how to make their copy fit with the design. They’ll also know if Google just announced a new word limit for meta descriptions. They’ll know what meta descriptions are in the first place, and why they’re crucial to your search engine ranking. 

4. I know my business much better than a writer ever could

That’s why you’re great at what you do. But being too close to your subject matter can make it harder to explain to someone who isn’t familiar with what you do.

Business owners often get very technical in their descriptions of what they do. The problem? Readers who are able to understand the technical aspects of what you do, are more likely to do it themselves, rather than pay for your goods or services. And those who don’t will be turned away, not knowing what you’re talking about.

A content writer’s job is to translate your jargon into plain language for your customers.

The content writer doesn’t have to be an expert in your field – they just need to be an expert in writing. This allows you to get on with your job of being an expert at running your business.

5. Changing our content now won’t make any difference

Many people think getting new website content is a bit like switching your blue car for a red one: it’s all aesthetic and won’t change how you get from point A to point B. But research shows that content absolutely makes a difference.

‘If you’re making money from your existing website that isn’t written by a professional content writer, it’s probably because you’re good at talking.’ - Luke Ryan, COO of BizStory
In other words, you’re explaining things after the fact. After the client has been on your website and still weren’t sure how your goods or services could work for them.

Ask yourself:

  • How many questions are you getting from customers who want to know what you do?
  • Could these be answered clearly and succinctly on your website?
  • Would customers be more likely to contact you in the first place?
  • Would you be signing up new clients more often?
  • Would a clear website allow you and your staff to to spend your time on other aspects of business building?
  • Could you be building more trust by telling the right story on your website?

6. We don’t have the budget

When people tell us they don’t have to budget for a professional content writer, we have to wonder whether they understand the value of good content.

Your investment will pay for itself – and then keep yielding results in the form of new clients and sales. Just check out how our content delivered results for Hill Bros.

Finding the right content writer for your website can help you reach your business goals. If you want words that will yield results, get in touch. We’d love to work with you to get the best results for your business!

Image above courtesy of Matthew Hurst


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