How blog posts help your business grow

Everyone's talking about blogging, but is it for you?

Welcome to the first in our three-part series on blogging, in which we demystify this whole blogging thing. 

We think there are few things are effective as the right content. So let’s look at some of the reasons you should be blogging. 

It allows you to protect your brand 

Companies who are serious about their brand put a lot of thought not only into promoting their brand, but in protecting their brand image too. 

One of the best ways to do this is to create original content ‒ articles that speak the way your company does; that are on-brand a hundred percent of the time. 

It lets you showcase your projects

You’re probably very proud of the projects you’ve worked on. You want to showcase them. A blog is a great way to do this. 

But a blog does more than allow you to show off. It show potential customers that you’ve worked with someone like them before, building trust and confidence in your brand. 

A blog post allows potential customers to walk through previous projects you’ve done and see how you came up with the best solution for your customer. They’ll know you can come up with something great for them too. 

It lets you be seen as an expert in your field

People go online mostly to find answers to specific questions, research shows. 

If you’re the one answering those questions, you’ll be seen as the expert in your field, the name people can trust to help them find solutions to their problems. 

A whopping 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs, according to a BlogHer survey. 

It gives you a foothold in traditional media

When journalists are looking for someone to interview, they’ll often to an internet search for business bloggers related to the field they’re writing about. 

They’re looking for someone they can trust - someone who’s perceived as an expert in their field, as we saw above.

If your name comes up, that’s free exposure for you and your brand. 

It’s one of your best sales support aids

Potential clients have a lot of questions they want answered before they commit to buying your product or service. These can sometimes be answered in the FAQ section of your website, but often there are topics that require a more in-depth answer. That’s where your blog comes in handy. 

You or your sales support team will be able to point potential clients in the direction of the blog post that will accurately answer their questions. It might just be the clinching factor that turns a potential client into an actual one. 

It can increase your customer base – big time 

Because people go online looking for answers to their questions – see above – blogging is also one of the best ways to get more customers – up to 60% more, according to research. 

That’s right – according to a HubSpot study, businesses that blog have consistently higher sales than those who don’t. 

The survey also found: 

"More than 40% of companies using business blogs and social media have generated a customer from that channel." 

Showcase your partners and clients

Successfully building a business has a lot to do with building solid relationships.  Featuring your partners and clients allows you to strengthen those relationships. 

Featuring your support network also shows potential partners you’re interested in cooperating with other companies. It allows them to see the potential network of people they’ll be working with, and get a sense of community and belonging. That’s huge.

It lets you communicate with your customers

We all want to be able to talk with our customers. We’d rather they come to us with a problem than lose them to a competitor. 

Comment sections on your blog or on social media are a great way for you to have that much-needed two-way conversation.

And 77% of web users read blogs, according to research. That’s a lot of potential customers. 

It can improve your SEO 

Everyone wants to come up first in a search result. Blogging can help improve your SEO.

There are two types of SEO blogging helps with:

  • Direct SEO

What search engines pick up and use in their algorithms, like your blog’s content and keywords you’re using.. 

  • Indirect SEO

Things that influence visitors to behave in ways that will let search engines know your site is a quality, relevant resource.

This includes encouraging longer visits and inbound links –  that is, when people include links to your website on their own content.

It helps you understand your audience

Blogs come with a built-in way of getting to know your audience. Blog analytics allow you to track: 

  • How many visitors you’re getting daily and monthly
  • How many of them are new
  • What your most popular page is
  • Whether your calls to action and sign-up forms are working well 

Creating articles can help boost your business and find new clients like few other strategies. It allows you to promote and protect your brand, build trust, showcase your work and turn clicks into sales.

Want to amp up your web presence? We’d love to have a chat with you about how our carefully-chosen words can help your business grow.


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