BizStory Case Study: Inugo’s clever parking solution

The team at Inugo had a simple aim: to make parking stress-free. What wasn’t so simple was how they could communicate this to their customers.

The Californian-based start-up were building a new website, and wanted this to be central to all their marketing efforts. They had their web design team on board but were missing a key component: content. Without content, their brand had no voice.

A fresh perspective

Inugo (pronounced ‘in-you-go’) provide two key services to the parking industry – a parking app for users, and a management system for parking providers. However, finding a consistent voice across their website to their customers was proving as much of a headache as finding a park.

For the Inugo team, this project was their baby. They were too close to it, and needed someone who would adopt it as their own, but see it with a fresh perspective.

That’s where BizStory came in. Partnering with their Marketing Director, web designers and SEO agency, our team arrived to create specialised content to make their brand shine.

Squeezing into a tight space

When they first approached us, Inugo were up against some challenges:

  • A quick turnaround. They had a tight deadline, and wanted over 10 pages completed in a few weeks.
  • Defining their target audience. Inugo had a very broad customer base. This meant we needed to find a way to speak to many different personas, while keeping it clear and simple for all their customers.
  • Finding their voice. Their target market was North America, so the tone had to be one that their customers could relate to, while keeping a distinct voice to help them stand out from their competitors.

What was our solution?

We de-stressed their website the way Inugo de-stressed parking.

We started by meeting with their Marketing Director, CEO, COO and Sales Director. We wanted to get right to the good stuff – what was Inugo? What were they offering? Who were they targeting?

After identifying their core value, we figured out how to shape the content to communicate that value to their customers and created a unique personality to help them stand out from their competitors.

Like many great works, this was a collaborative process. We wanted the Inugo team to have freedom to share ideas so we could keep refining the content until it was perfect.

The end result

We provided simple, snappy content that left no questions unanswered. Of course, this involved more than just well-crafted words; it was about bringing their brand to life. 

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

“The voice and tone BizStory created really spoke to our brand”

"BizStory became a part of our team, working closely with us, our SEO agency and web developers to create across-the-board web content. The voice and tone they created really spoke to our brand and reinforced the value of what we do. We were under a tight deadline and BizStory delivered on time, without compromising on quality.” 

- Liz Barnett, Director of Marketing, Inugo

Looking for your voice?

We’re stoked to be the driving force in bringing businesses’ ideas and brands to life. If you’re looking for beautifully crafted content to make your website sing, talk to us at BizStory, we’d love to be part of your journey.


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