How to explain content to your customers

Communicating the value of copywriting done right

Explaining content to your customers can be like trying to talk your Nana through how to use Netflix. You just want to help, but there’s potential for a lot of frustration.  

Some customers will understand the value that quality content adds to their business. But for the ones who don’t (and that’s most people) communicating this can be difficult. 

Why content matters

Creating a powerful brand online is a weaving together of great design and quality content. 

Think of it as a captivating circus act. When the ‘content ball’ is dropped, so to speak, the whole project falls apart. 

The audience is left confused and disappointed. And that’s no good for anybody, least of all your customer.   

So explaining the value of copywriting effectively to your customers is important. But what’s the best way to go about it? 

We decided to get advice straight from the horse’s mouth. We chatted to Karen, web designer and owner of Kaz Design, who has demystified the value of calling in a content creator to more than her fair share of clients.

So what are the hurdles?

Karen says that for her customers, the biggest barrier to investing in content is the perceived cost. She says people don’t understand that there are affordable solutions out there, and they just see a number that’s adding to the cost of their project. 

“They don’t see the value in the time that it saves, the quality of the work provided and the fact that it keeps their project moving forward.”

The second barrier? They think they can do it themselves. For some people, this may be true. But for most, their passion for their business simply doesn’t translate into quality content. 

In other words, many people don’t realise that content is so much more than just words. Yes, the words are important, but winning content is all about layers, voice and story.

Understanding what your customers need

Knowing how content is going to be valuable for your customers means understanding what’s important to them, and providing a solution for their needs. 

According to Karen, when it comes to business owners, there are a few common pain points that make them tick:

Time, precious time

These days, nobody’s got enough of it. In fact, Karen says time is number one for her customers. 

“Everybody is just so busy doing what they need to do for their business and content is another thing that’s added to their to-do list. Their time is precious, and they want a website up by a certain date but if they haven’t got the time for writing the content, so the date just gets pushed back.”

Karen says she’s waited up to three months for content from a client. And that’s not as bad as it gets - another BizStory partner has waited seven years. That’s a long development period. 

Reaching their audience

This is where storytelling comes in. Your customers need to communicate their message, and the emphasis has got to be on quality. 

Karen says that business owners can be so passionate about their business that they tend to provide copy from the ‘inside out’’, getting too technical and telling their customers what they need. 

She says the content generally isn’t written for someone to read and be inspired, and there’s often no life to it. 

“I always explain that their potential customers need to see it from the outside in. I say to them: give me your content, and if I don’t understand it, you’ve missed the mark.”

Ease and affordability

As Karen points out, this one often becomes obvious to her customers when they see what’s actually available. 

“We suggest it to everybody by just gently touching base with them after we’ve asked them for content. We say, “Look, if you’re really stuck, we’ve got an affordable solution for your problem.” 

She says many of her customers think outsourcing copywriting services is going to cost them a whole lot more than it actually does. 

When they understand the worth of the time they’ve saved, the value becomes even clearer. By letting the experts do what they do best, they’ve got more time to do what they’re awesome at: running their business.

Calling the experts in

As word geeks and specialised content creators, we’ve done our research, too. Our experience has taught us a lot, so we thought we’d add what we’ve found out about describing the need for content. 

It’s pretty simple, really, and we think Karen is spot on. 

1. Capacity: does your customer actually have the time to write their own content?

Firstly, are your customers able to, or do they have the time to create their own content. This is all about people playing to their strengths. 

Let’s think back to the circus act. If the juggler, the acrobat and the clown all focus on doing what they’re great at, and don’t attempt all three, the show goes on. And it’s a sensation.

2. Knowledge: do they have the expertise to write for the web

What are your customers aiming for with their business? To get them to the standard that their competitors are at, it’s essential to have people on board who know what they’re doing with content. 

This means they’ll be able to see that SEO does work, and doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. 

It means having the understanding that words that aren’t just words - that they have to work with design and technology across mobile and multiple other platforms to capture an audience.

It’s a delicate juggling act. Just as the average person couldn’t perform a circus act, for content, it’s best to call in a professional. In other words, a guru content creator. 

3. Industry standard: are they up-to-speed with their competitors?

Essentially, with knowledge comes an understanding of industry standards, and the ability to educate your customers on these. 

In case you missed the memo, it’s a fast-changing world we live in, and these standards are constantly changing. Quality content moves with the times. It’s about voice, story and layers. 

The great thing about building websites is that when all these components come together, it’s a glorious sight to behold. With everyone playing their part, like a perfectly executed circus act, the end result is dazzling. 

So hone in on what it is your customer really needs, and let the show begin. 

Ready for content that makes your design shine? We’re copywriting gurus. We’d love to hear from you.


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