BizStory Case Study: putting the spotlight on RML’s world-class machinery

The team at RML were experts at engineering high-tech robotics. But “engineering” words wasn’t so easy for them.

As a world-class company, based in the heart of the Waikato, RML Engineering create production line solutions for their clients, by building innovative machinery.

With years of experience and hundreds of successful projects, complex engineering has always been straightforward to RML.

But what wasn’t as straightforward, was figuring out how to create compelling content to communicate this expertise to clients.

This is where we came in.

RML needed BizStory’s “word engineering” skills to create enticing web content and a striking case study that showcased their work.

Growth: more leaves on the tree

When RML Engineering first approached BizStory, they were in the process of forming a new website. We helped them find their voice and took care of all their web content, all the while working with their web designers Rocketspark.

After completing this web project, the team at RML re-approached us with the idea to create a testimonial about their experience with their client Tekplas.

Tekplas is a manufacturing company that produces plastic packaging and technical moulding. RML were hired by Tekplas to engineer a machine for their plastic lids production line.

The end result was a clever wee machine that runs almost 24/7, creating plastic lids all on its lonesome. Pretty high-tech huh?

Due to the project’s success, RML decided a testimonial would be useful to their website.

The deeper we delved into this project, the more it grew. As did our relationship with RML. In the end, a project that started out as a “short testimonial”, grew into an in-depth case study about RML’s successful project with Tekplas.

Roadblocks: hurdles we helped conquer

Although the team at RML are engineering gurus, they faced a few hurdles when it came to putting their expertise into words.

As expert ‘word engineers’ here’s how the BizStory team helped solve RML’s challenges:

  • Freed up their time: inventing clever machines takes up the majority of RML’s hours, so they lacked the time to write web content. So we did the time for them.
  • Took away the pain of asking for feedback: many companies often find it difficult or awkward to ask their clients for feedback. We assisted RML by talking directly to their client to fill this gap.
  • Jazzed up technical content: let’s face it, engineering is pretty technical stuff, so often when it’s in words, it isn’t the most exciting thing to read. We helped RML make their content more interesting and intriguing.

The process: making the wheels turn

Having already written their web content, we already knew the voice and tone for RML.

Kicking off the case study, we met with RML, bounced ideas off of one another and jotted down all the details about their Tekplas project.

From here, we spoke directly with Tekplas to hear their feedback, where we got some powerful quotes to elevate the case study.

By gaining perspective and details from both sides of the company-client relationship, we captured the essence of the project and shaped this into an effective case study for RML to use for their website as valuable marketing material.

The result: a beautifully crafted case study

At the end of the project, we had crafted an engaging case study that was in-depth and detailed, while remaining an interesting read.

We were able to outline the challenges and solutions that RML faced during the Tekplas project, while weaving in quality feedback that stood out during our conversations with them.

"This is gold for us! Something that as a bunch of engineers we would never be able to extract from a client – let alone be able to express in words!"
                 - Daryl Joyce, COO, RML Engineering

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