BizStory Case Study: Huka Honey Hive’s mission to save the bees

How do you capture an unforgettable experience and a passion for bee welfare?

Huka Honey Hive is an iconic honey-making business in the heart of Taupo.

With over 25 years of experience, they commit their time to bee welfare and sustainable practices. All the while creating yummy honey and caring health and wellbeing products.

Keeping up with the online buzz

Having less experience in writing for the web, and understanding how important it is in this day and age; the buzzy-bee experts at Huka Honey Hive decided they needed our help.

So the team at Huka Honey Hive approached our writing team at BizStory to create them some fresh, buzzing web content for their Home, About, and Tours web pages.

Targeting the bee values

  • Discovering their voice: we helped Huka Honey Hive find their online voice, turned this into content, and added in all the SEO bells and whistles to help them stand out online.
  • Fresh new design, fresh new content: while working with our partner RocketSpark, who designed a beautiful new buzzy-bee website, we helped make their content shine.
  • More than just honey: while Huka Honey Hive’s business purpose is producing and selling honey, they wanted us to show their clients that they are so much more than that.

Sticking the pieces together

The process we used to find Huka Honey Hive’s voice was simple.

By getting to know the team really well, and by asking all the right questions, we got to the core of Huka Honey Hive and found their voice.

What did we find?

Huka Honey Hive is more than just honey. And they wanted this to shine through in their web content.

We found an ethical buzzy-bee voice and values:

  • More than just a shop: it’s about the whole experience.
  • Sustainability is at their core: their products and practices reflect this.
  • New Zealand made: they keep with the kiwi green image.
  • Bee welfare and ethics: this is their most important mission.

By listening to the team at Huka Honey Hive, we captured who they were. And by doing so, we were able to use this as the honey – if you will – to stick together the pieces we needed to write their web content.

The end result: a fresh and vibrant website

To bring Huka Honey Hive’s caring voice to light, we crafted beautiful content which shined through with the help of RocketSpark’s flower-fresh web design.

We brought Huka Honey Hive’s buzzy-bee mission to life.

Curious how we did this? See for yourself.

Looking for your voice?

We love helping businesses find their voice and bring their mission to life. If you’re looking for charmingly created content to make your mission shine, talk to us today.


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