BizStory Case Study: Agilyx’s personal approach to software technology

How to turn ‘techy’ jargon into sharp, captivating content

Agilyx is a leading software tech company that implements computer software for a number of businesses worldwide.

Sounds kind of complex right?

As tech experts, Agilyx knows what they’re doing. But the challenge they were facing when they came to us was how to turn their work into engaging web content.

What they do is more than code and create software. Agilyx’s aim is to personalise software, all the while providing exceptional service.

So why did they need us?

Agilyx wanted to get to the core of their clientele and inject a bit of personality into their web content. They wanted to avoid the mundane, and stray from the run-of-the-mill ‘techy’ jargon.

They were in need of some snappy, powerful web content to show their target audience that they are more than just high-tech computer experts trying to sell software; but an experienced team of people dedicated to personalising their product and service.

In addition to showing off their expertise, Agilyx wanted us to craft their web content to act as a valuable tool to support their sales team.

The missing puzzle piece

When Agilyx approached BizStory, they were in the process of designing an entire new website.

In fact, they were already pretty far along. The Agilyx team had all the web design down, and they knew what they wanted to say – they just didn’t know how to say it.

They were missing the piece of the puzzle needed to tie it all together.

They needed us to craft this final puzzle piece: the content.

Finding Agilyx’s voice

Getting to know the people behind the software

After sitting down with Agilyx what did we discover?

What we found was a kind and caring team at the heart of this corporate company.

They wanted to communicate with their target audience that they are more than just software, they are also a service, and more importantly, a personalised service.

And so, we found the tone we needed.

Putting the pieces together

Because Agilyx was re-working their entire website, and the design was almost complete, they needed over 30 pages of web content from us, and in a relatively tight timeline.

The steps we took to complete their puzzle were as follows:

  • Undertook solid strategy sessions where we gathered relevant marketing material
  • Engaged with various Agilyx team members; particularly the marketing team
  • Had weekly WIP (work in progress) meetings, to check in and keep up to date

Adaptability at the heart of the project

At the heart of Agilyx’s software is adaptability. For this project, we embraced the same approach.

Since the website was mostly designed, we had to adapt our copywriting skills to perfectly match their look, style and structure.

And this was an exciting challenge.

Embracing adaptability, we were able to remain creative, at the same time as fitting in with Agilyx’s framework. Though this was a challenge, it made the end process smooth, as our content fit seamlessly into their new web design. 

The final result: a completed puzzle

What we ended up with was a brand new personal tone, which we crafted into 30 plus pages of sharp, creative web content.

By finding Agilyx’s voice, and understanding what exactly they were trying to achieve as a company, we were able to complete their puzzle.

All in all, because the web design was complete, we were able to craft the content to slot in smoothly.

Curious what the completed puzzle looks like? Check it out for yourself.

Missing a piece of your website puzzle? Get in touch with us at BizStory! We’d love a new challenge!


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