BizStory Case Study: TelferYoung’s big vision

How do you engage and inform clients across the nation?

TelferYoung is a large property valuation and advisory company. With 12 main offices throughout New Zealand, they work closely with clients across the whole country.

They originally came to us for article content, and we delivered. But as our relationship with them grew, TelferYoung decided they needed to talk to their clients a little more directly.  

A large audience and a large plan: where to start?

TelferYoung wanted to design a newsletter campaign – to be used nationwide. The newsletter was to be sent to all their clients across the country, and personalised to each of their 12 main offices. So it needed to follow the brand, but also be tailored for the region.

But like many other businesses wanting to reach their clients, TelferYoung didn’t have the capacity or resources to design and maintain the entire project.

They came to us for a design, brand, and voice

Understanding that this was going to be a huge task, the team at TelferYoung came to us for help. It just wasn’t something they could do alone.

Since we were already writing articles for the company, they knew how valuable our work was in finding a voice and a brand.

Using tailored content to strengthen their brand

We became completely part of TelferYoung’s team, something we really value here at BizStory. We worked closely with them to craft the details of their vision, and to find their voice.

The project was a big one, and once we got a grip on what TelferYoung aimed to do, we quickly sorted out what we needed:

  • Brand new design: we needed to design a template for the entire campaign. This meant working closely with the team to tailor our ideas to their needs, and create a template that was flexible and able to be personalised.
  • Advice and insights: TelferYoung wanted to educate their customers with their expert knowledge. Each newsletter and corresponding articles needed specific advice based on their region, so the customers would be engaged and informed.
  • Timelines: Once the template was designed, a strict timeline to send out the campaigns had to be organised. Together we built a strong roadmap, identifying key dates for information and content.

    Assembling the building blocks

    TelferYoung were determined to engage their clients, and the team collaborated with us closely in order to pass on their expertise for the content.

    So when it came to putting the project together, we found that the blocks were easy to assemble.

    The campaign was carefully curated around the TelferYoung’s core ideas:

    • Show our clients who we are
    • Provide useful advice that the customers would relate to
    • Inform, educate, and inspire

    We found a voice and gave it volume

    We delivered a strong, informative campaign that spoke directly to TelferYoung’s customers. The content was personalised and targeted accurately to each office. The brand was consistent, with a framework that could be shaped for each region.

    The end result: informed, inspired customers

    TelferYoung received a massive response to the campaign. Their nationwide customers lapped up the insights and advice, because it was customised exactly to what they could relate to.

    Their engagement results leaped up higher than average, and TelferYoung are still striving to increase their close relationships with their customers.

    We helped TelferYoung’s big vision become a reality, and the campaign is still going strong.

    Here at BizStory, writing isn’t our only passion. We love becoming part of your team, and making your visions a reality. If you’ve got an idea forming, get in touch today. We’d love to be a part of it.


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