BizStory Case Study- EZ Rentals’ organic SEO project

How do you encourage web traffic without pushing the user?

EZ Rentals – a unique rental service company that provides TV’s, fridges and other whiteware – came to us with an organic project in the making.

A family business at heart, EZ Rentals were thriving well – due to the unique nature of their service, and their inorganic advertising – but they wanted more.

They thought to themselves; what’s another way we can get our name out there, and reach niche individuals of our target market, like students for example?

And so, they came up with an organic SEO project.

The vision: to drive business organically

Founded in 2008, marketing and advertising has changed dramatically since EZ Rentals went into business.

As a family-run company, the team at EZ Rentals didn’t have much experience or expertise with organic SEO copywriting.

EZ Rentals were doing well with driving business inorganically, but they knew that organic SEO was just as important; if not, more.

So what is organic SEO anyway?

In a basic sense, organic SEO is achieved when a website ranks high on Google, directing web traffic to their site. But this has to be done ‘organically’ – i.e. without paying for advertising.

How? To achieve organic SEO, websites need to have high-quality content, enriched with SEO copywriting and keywords.

This was EZ Rentals vision, so therefore our mission.

Turning a vision into value: how we helped

Adding an edge to EZ Rentals’ website, we created content that not only drove web traffic, but encouraged calls to action.

Our steps to success:

  • Insightful conversations. At BizStory, our first step is always to get to know you. By getting to know the EZ Rentals team, we understood what was important to them.

  • Competitor analysis. Because organic SEO was their key goal, we got to know the industry standard to ensure we wrote content that was fresh, but also relevant.

  • Keyword research. A key part of SEO. By conducting extensive SEO research, we figured out which phrases are most ‘Googled’ by EZ Rentals target market.

  • Content refinement. Once we had the keywords and understood industry standards, we balanced our words by writing content that was both inviting and informative.

What we ended up with was a website ranking #1 and #2 on Google!

All in all, helping EZ Rentals with their organic SEO project was a unique experience for us!

What we ended up with was refined, engaging content on their Home and About pages, as well as 8 snippets across their site.

With SEO copywriting, we helped EZ Rentals gain an organic edge, as a small business in a competitive industry.

Now, EZ Rentals are ranking as high as 1st and 2nd on Google for their target keywords! An organic SEO achievement we are proud to be a part of.

Here at BizStory we learn more and more about a range of industries everyday! Feel like sharing yours?

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