The Case Study - engaging customers with storytelling

A novel approach to online marketing

While facts and figures can help back-up your business, nothing grabs your audience’s attention like a good story. A well-told story has the power to captivate prospect customers and amplify your success!

In this article we’ll be talking about case studies – the powerful storytelling tool that engages your audience with the chronicles of your successful projects.

They’re personal, they’re authentic, and they’re guaranteed to accelerate your marketing strategies.

How do they work?

Well-written case studies develop the character of your business. Here’s how including them on your website can take your brand further:

  • Walking the talk: case studies back-up what your advertising claims. Telling these stories proves your industry expertise, builds your reputation and increases your trustworthiness.
  • Resonating examples: case studies allow you to develop and describe the products and services you offer in a detailed, context-driven way. Prospect customers will compare what they are seeking to what you delivered in your case study.
  • Raving reviews: people connect to stories, it’s human nature. Featuring authentic client endorsement in your case studies will engage new customers faster than another marketing campaign.
  • Targeting customers: you’ll attract customers who identify with the message or values in your case studies, so you start refining a customer persona which is then easier to engage

The power of stories to secure sales

Before we jump into purchasing a product or booking a service, we often seek feedback from other customers. We might ask our friends if they’ve used the product before, or look at reviews online.

Statistics show that consumers take reviews and online recommendations very seriously, many trusting online testimonials as much as friends’ advice.

This shows the importance people place upon hearing stories about other customers’ experiences. While flashy marketing campaigns and statistics are helpful, customers are always looking to share and hear about others’ experiences.

This is why case studies are such an effective way to showcase your expertise and generate sales!

Case studies present the information customers want when they seek these reviews. A portfolio of case studies could be just what your sales’ team needs to convert a tricky lead, or provide a customer with an impressive example of your services.

Crafting your case study

All good stories have a clear plot, and case studies are no different. An attention-grabbing case study should include the following:
  1. Introduce the hero: that’s you! Why did your customer reach out to you? What did they need?

  2. Present the challenges: explain the difficulties you faced, such as a tough deadline or a complicated order. This is especially helpful to interested readers who may be experiencing the same issues or require the same service.

  3. Tackle them: this is your chance to show potential customers what you’re made of. Explain how you expertly navigated those obstacles and delivered exceptional service!

  4. Finishing strong: clearly articulate what you did for your customer and include a testimonial from them to back this up!

This simple and intelligent format is bound to intrigue your leads. By telling stories about your projects, you offer a down-to-earth and honest vision of exactly what your business does for its customers.

Writer’s block? Let us help you

We use case studies ourselves to present our content writing projects. You could say creating case studies is something we’re pretty good at.

Got the portfolio but can’t find the words? Let us bring your testimonials to life with case studies that amplify your expertise, attract your target audience, and boost your sales.

Need to enhance your online marketing? Back up your testimonials with a case study crafted by web-content experts! Talk to us today.


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