BizStory Case Study: Nose to Tail knows their tale

Nose to Tail knew their story; they just needed help telling it

Founded in 2002, Nose to Tail Dog Wash was born from an Auckland dog owner’s love of dogs and a simple need to wash her pooch without ending up in a mess.

Kath Fitzpatrick, creator and founder of Nose to Tail, was tired of having to clean up her house after cleaning up her dog. 

She realised that other dog owners in Auckland must be feeling just the same way, and so she decided to start a business that would cater to them all.

Barking up the right tree

Nose to Tail had already been our client for 8 years before we got started on their web content project.

We had been – and still are – dedicated to running their newsletter campaign and writing monthly blogs for their website.

With a growing business, Nose to Tail decided it was time they updated their website to reach their clients and canine companions. They asked our writing team to sniff out some new content for them!

Kath wanted content that reflected her dog lovin’ philosophy

Having told their tale to customers, we knew that Nose to Tail needed a special breed of content

At its core, Nose to Tail care about dogs. They wanted pooches everywhere to be treated in just the same way that Kath treats her own pups.

They understand the grooming struggle that Auckland dog owners face and wanted to ease the stress that washing up our furry pals can cause.

With our help, Kath wanted to give her business a voice, one that would reach local dog lovers and give them a solution to their messy problem.

Getting down to the bones of it

With paws at the ready, we took on the project of creating Kath’s new content by exploring an angle that would mirror the fresh new look of her updated website.

We channelled the company’s vibe by honing in on what we already knew about them:

  • Finding the right tone: 
    With the right words, we captured Nose to Tail’s bubbly personality and canine expertise.
  • Knowing their audience:
    Our content spoke directly to dog owners, understanding their problems and sharing Kath’s solutions.
  • Showcasing their values:
    We ensured her website was written with the same enthusiasm and care that Nose to Tail have for Auckland’s pups (and their owners).

We crafted content for 6 web pages, each with a different purpose and each capturing the tone and philosophy of Kath’s business.

We gave Kath’s new website a voice that allowed her to further connect with her fellow dog lovers

A paw-some project

When it came to Nose to Tail’s new website, we helped Kath with more than just the content.

Our team loves all things dogs – writing about our furry friends is something that we all get tail-wagging excited about!

With Kath’s project, we wanted to go the extra mile, and so we headed out to visit her dog wash and set up a doggy photo shoot. The photos we took ended up being used for the new website!

We worked alongside the web designer, offering ongoing collaboration until Kath was happy with the final product. 

“BizStory delivered content in a format that would benefit Nose to Tail’s SEO and accurately represent their tone. They handled the entire content writing process and kept us in the loop throughout. Having the content available to us first meant that we could go on to create a site with a look and feel that matched.”

- Liz Webb, owner and designer at LW Creative

A friendship formed through furry friends

“BizStory exceeded all expectations. They took a job that could have been tedious and hard for me – one that I could have kept putting on the back shelf – and instead, they made it really easy and fun!”

- Kath Fitzpatrick, founder of Nose to Tail Dog Wash

Today, we still work closely with Nose to Tail in creating content for their monthly blogs and newsletters. 

Kath and her team give their all in caring for their doggy visitors. We made sure her website reflected that passion and connected with her customers.

Words (and dogs!) are our best friends. If you’d like us to craft the right ones for you, get in touch.


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