Meet Our Storytellers

Find out how we help businesses align with their purpose through engaging online content

BizStory is a dynamic and collaborative team, working together to back-up your brand with words that work.

We combine meaningful connections with industry expertise, crafting content that amplifies your story in the online space.

Luke | Chief Operating Officer

"I love to know about people and why they do what they do and even more i love helping them find their purpose."

Empowering others through storytelling is Luke's passion. So he built a business around it!

Josh | Partner Engagement Manager

"The things that are really important to us - transparency, integrity, understanding people's values and helping them to communicate those values out to the world, those things really shine through everyday."

Josh manages our partnerships with integrity and transparency. Providing ongoing guidance to the team, Josh celebrates our culture of personal development at BizStory.

Kathryn | Lead Content Writer

"You find and meet people who are really passionate about what they do and what we do is take that passion and share it with the world!"

Kathryn is inspired by meaningful connections with business owners. Our copywriting team work together, crafting the customer's passion into engaging content - they do what they love while we tell their story.

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