Strength in numbers: how a team of writers can back-up your brand

You’ve got the low-down on why content writing from within your own industry is a no-no. But if not you, then who?

Let’s say you’ve got a friend – we’ll call her Jane – who moonlights as a freelance copywriter. She’s got a sweet content writing side-hustle and has offered to write your copy for you.

You’ve also heard about a team of copywriters who worked on the content for your great uncle’s fly-fishing website, and he mentioned having been quite pleased with their work.

Just like a classic Goosebumps novel, you find yourself at a fork in the content writing road. 

The thrilling opportunity has come up for to choose your own ending – will you go with a freelancer or a team of copywriters?

Jane the freelancer

She’s a one (wo)man band

Jane sails a solo ship. While she may stand steady at the helm, she has no co-captain to navigate complex ideas with.

Without a collaboration process, Jane’s content writing reviews and edits will be party to her eyes only. If the copy isn’t reviewed by a separate pair of eyes, her own voice will likely shine through (even a teeny bit) in every article she writes.

She keeps her own hours

Jane is a free bird. She will write for you when she can, but that may not be as often as you would like.

She probably has a full-time job and splashes about with some content writing on the side. Her working hours might be the total opposite of yours, and it’s likely she’s not always around to take your calls or urgent emails.

If Jane is busy making waves in her own life, her customer focus might just slip right on by the wayside.

She claims to be an expert, but is she really?

How well do you know Jane? Is her copywriting really up to the standard that you’re after?

Does she include SEO services? Is she using the right tone and capturing the right audience?

You can never be sure what her research process is – whether she’s doing any, and if so, whether she’s doing it right. Jane might be really good at writing for her favourite industries, but how well can she write about yours?

If you’re paying someone to write your content, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

How a team of professional writers can make all the difference

Living that 9-5 life

A team of writers working from an office on the daily are 100% committed to content writing. They are there for you, to discuss your project, whenever you need.

A writing team will forever have customer focus front-of-mind. They will create a realistic plan with clients, one that fits in with every schedule.

Once the lay of the land has been established, they’ll always meet client expectations – delivering content on time.

Many hands make light work

Working alongside a whole team of expert writers means that any content delivered to you will be of the highest possible standard.

With so many minds in constant collaboration, your copy will go through a thorough review process – resulting in a better quality product in your hands and on your site.

SEO services

Search Engine Optimisation: a perplexing term that leaves most people scratching their heads. It affects your website ranking on Google and drives web traffic to your site - read more about it here.

A skilled copywriting team will do their own research into the keywords that drive customers to your website.

They then expertly weave those keywords into your content in a way that makes it engaging and easy to digest – targeting search engine robots and potential customers, all in one clever sentence.

Here at BizStory, we have a team of content writing professionals with a customer focus

The team at BizStory aren’t just creatives – we’re content strategists.

We combine thorough industry research, cutting-edge keyword analysis and clever wordplay to amplify your story in the online space. 

We are committed to our customer focus, here for you and your content 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

A collaborative team like ours will prove that there really is strength in numbers, working together on your content to deliver top quality copy for your brand.

With clever content writing, we’ll showcase your expertise and inform your audience why they need what you’re selling.

Not sure where you stand on the writing team vs freelancing scale? Get in touch and we’ll walk you through it!


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