5 bullsh*t things creatives say

Weird quotes dropped on the daily

The crew at BizStory are a kooky, quirky bunch. But what else would you expect from a team of creative content writers?

We’re all about taking a good hard look in the mirror and poking fun at ourselves – the best way to stay humble, we think. It’s been a topic of conversation circulating through our office recently, the eccentric things creatives say.

We decided to check in with the whole team and collate a list of the top 5 weird quotes we catch ourselves saying on a daily basis.

And if you were curious about our storytellers, you can get to know some of us here

5 bullsh*t things you’ll hear after spending time with creatives

1. “Let’s vibe on that for a second.”

We say this ALL THE TIME. What does it even mean? Good question!

‘Vibing’ on something means taking the time to sit with an idea, to deconstruct it as a team, collaborate on it, get to the same page and rebuild it from the ground up.

Does it sound like a lengthy process? Sometimes it can be, sure. But it’s worth it in the end, when we come up with some pretty awesome, innovative approaches to crafting our clients’ content.

2. “I feel like we’re really connecting.”

If a creative nature isn’t something you have, this weird quote probably comes across as utter nonsense.

And yet, here we are, dropping it on the daily at BizStory.

Connecting with someone doesn’t have to be about finding common ground or sharing a birthday or whatever else it might look like outside of a creatives’ world.

In our office, you’ll find us ‘really connecting’ over our work. It could be during our brainstorming process, when we’re in constructive communication with clients or if we take on new and exciting, unique projects.

Which means that when we’re ‘really connecting’, we’re really just working together to flesh out some pretty great ideas!

3. “I found this awesome podcast!”

LITERALLY EVERYDAY, one of us creatives will – without fail – have just discovered the latest up-and-coming podcast, the best new Spotify playlist or the most life-changing book of our generation.

Our creative nature has us forever exploring creativity. If we have a team of creative kooks around to share our discoveries with, you can bet that we will (and we do!).

4. “That really speaks to me.”

Doesn’t it, though?

We drop this line whenever we’re truly resonating with something. It’s deep, this weird quote, and it definitely highlights our quirky selves.

If something ‘speaks’ to us, it could be anything from a piece of writing, a good beat or an emotive painting through to a textured cushion, a lush plant or a cute sticker.

We’re all about nonsensical simplicity, we creatives.

5. “Are you coming to my spoken word performance / post-electronic-grunge gig / meditation circle tonight?”

Lines like this get dropped in our office more than we’d like to admit.

With some of our crew in bands, some into stand-up comedy, others digging poetry and more still living that zen life, there will always be some wacky, creative thing for us to attend.

More often than not, we’re just trying to up our audience – not everyone is interested in snapping their fingers in applause, headbanging at ungodly hours or spending an evening chanting “ommmmmmmm”.

Creatives are awesome, but they do say some weird sh*t

Having shone a light on the weird quotes that get tossed around our office on the reg, we’ve established one thing: we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Which is – we think – just how a creative workplace should be. When we vibe, connect, discover, feel and support, our creative nature thrives and our writing is all the better for it! 

Are you after some kooky creatives to craft killer content? Talk to us!


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