5 tips to ignite writing inspiration

A fresh perspective: how to get creative inspiration flowing

As copywriters, sparking creative thought can stem from a variety of avenues – whether this be a breath of fresh air, a brainstorming session or a cup of coffee!

Here at BizStory, our writers are a creative bunch; drawing writing inspiration from all walks of life. We all have our individual quirks, but we also enjoy gaining fresh perspectives.

Read on to see how you can ignite your inspiration, even when facing the dreaded writer's block.

5 writing inspiration tips to fuel your thoughts

When writing for online, it can become all too easy to get stuck in industry jargon or stick with the norm – and we get this. This is why our writers make sure to draw creative inspiration from outside-the-box places.

Everyone is inspired by different things, but you might like to try...

1. Taking a breath of fresh air

There are a number of us who thrive off nothing more than a little fresh air and exercise! A walk along the beach, a swim in the sea, a stroll in the bush – being at one with nature is widely known to stir our inner creativity.

Maybe it's the peaceful sound of birds chirping in the trees, or perhaps it's the deep breaths of the summer breeze – simply stepping outside can help beat writer's block and flicker our creative light bulbs!

Our writers are often seen lapping up the sun in Auckland’s Albert Park, or swimming laps in our office pool to clear their minds – opening up space for new ideas and fresh perspectives to take to the table. Perhaps this will work for you?

2. Running a discovery session

When it comes to copywriting, or writing in general for that matter, inspiration can be tricky – there are a variety of topics and styles you might be trying to master!

Something our team always turn to for inspiration is brainstorming (or what we like to call; discovery sessions) – this might be with a client or it might be with each other.

While writing is a creative avenue, it can all too easily be a taxing one. Writers often get lost in the word-world, searching for the perfect world to nail that article! So simply stepping away from the keyboard and brainstorming is often the perfect creative inspiration needed – kick starting the writing process.

If you’re stuck, take a break, brainstorm your thoughts, talk to another writer, pick someone's brain – whatever you need to get back in the zone; words flowing.

3. Fan-girling over a favourite writer

It can be all too easy to dive straight into the world of copywriting, and stray from absorbing the writers and literature we love and enjoy.

And while the style of writing can be very different to the poetry, novels and academic articles – reading the work of other creators can be the most basic source of inspiration for your own writing.

Stephen King once wrote, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.”

Our writers are known to pass books around the office, post quotes of the day, and lead insightful discussions over the latest read.

If you're losing momentum or stuck before starting a new piece of writing, try re-reading a chapter of your favourite book, or scrolling through famous quotes – give it a go, you never know what creative inspiration might stem from it!

4. Always having a thesaurus open

As writers, words are our friends! We often find ourselves in a constant battle to find the perfect word! Unique? No. Weird, rare, quirky, specialised? Yes.

When it comes to copywriting inspiration, if you’re lost for words, sometimes your saviour (a writer's best friend, if you will) is simply a thesaurus.

Creative inspiration stems from learning new words and discovering new ways of thinking. So spending those quality search sessions on thesauraus.com is very inspiring to the creative process! Not to mention it expands your vocabulary.

5. Immerse ourselves in music

For many of us, simply taking the time out of our day to listen is helpful in fueling copywriting inspiration.

This might entail listening to some classical instrumental music, calming soundscapes, or maybe just vibing to the bangers of the month! Whatever it is, immersing yourself in music often helps you to turn jumbled thoughts into puzzle pieces that fit. Our writers swear by it!

The calming nature of instrumental music for instance helps our minds to relax, let our worries go and focus on the task at hand. For others, music with lyrics helps inspire new words and rhymes to weave into our writing.

Creative thoughts from our writers: what inspires us as individuals?


“I often read short articles, and when I see a word or phrase I like, I write it down. I find this helpful in expanding my vocabulary and solving the ‘there aren’t enough words’ issue! I also find it very inspiring when I see writers use a word in an unconventional way.”


“I like to collect thoughts and ideas in a journal – taking note of anything I might come across that inspires me. I also love going for long walks or runs alone, which helps me to crystallize my thoughts and figure out what to write or how!”


“Poetry often inspires me. I love the depth that a simple poem can express. I’ll often come across new words or ways of thinking, inspiring me to challenge my own writing style and try something new. There's nothing more inspirational to me than the work of a great writer.”


“I’m inspired by things that challenge the status quo and dismantle perceptions. I’m naturally drawn to the unconventional and controversial, and I’m inspired when something causes me to question my own beliefs. At the same time, a lot of my inspiration comes from within – both my dark moods and uplifting thoughts catalyse my work.”

At the end of the day, writing inspiration comes down to you

Whether it’s a breath of fresh air, a walk in the park or a stack of books that inspires you, when it really comes down to it, there can be a source of inspiration in any corner you look.

Creative inspiration surrounds us on the daily; but it’s the time that we spend soaking up the little things in life that really fuels our creativity.

Next time you take the bus, try listening to some classical soundscapes? Perhaps try a word journal – hear an unusual word you haven’t used before? Write it down.

Looking for a fresh perspective to copywriting? Talk with the Biz team.


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