A day in the life of a BizStory copywriter

More than just a content writing company, BizStory is affectionately known in-house as The Village

Before I started working as a copywriter at BizStory, they asked me to do a values test. I spent an hour talking about myself – about my own passions and pastimes – and at the end of it all, they hired me!

That’s how I knew, very quickly, that these people would be my people. So what is it like to work at BizStory?

3 things I’ve learnt from working at BizStory

1. Teamwork makes the dream work

And it does, truly. Collaborating on content means more ideas to draw from and more angles and approaches to explore than what simply working alone could achieve.

With a comprehensive reviewing process, our team work together cohesively from beginning to end.

2. Creativity is encouraged through flexibility

Creatives everywhere will attest that innovation doesn’t tend to bloom from rigidity.

BizStory provides us with a flexible workplace, a foundation of freedom that enhances our creativity and enables us to deliver content writing that aligns with our clients’ vision.

3. A positive culture and compassionate community is key

Here at BizStory, we’re a team. And more than that, we’re a family! We believe in sharing, caring, supporting and encouraging.

With a creative, communal workspace to come into everyday, being a copywriter at BizStory is a dream!

An inclusive workplace that celebrates individuality

The thing about BizStory is that they get it. We’re all a bit weird, we’re all a bit quirky and each of us is celebrated for it.

A team of creative copywriters, we love being in an environment that values openness, honesty and authenticity.

Ours is a creative space

A few of my favourite things about BizStory’s office:

  • Windowsill work
    Reminiscent of a Jane Austen novel, I love nothing more than to curl up in the windowsill with my laptop, copywriting to my heart’s content and watching passersby out in the park.
  • Foosball fun
    Yep, we have a foosball table in our office! It’s loud and it’s obnoxious and it’s the best darn thing since sliced bread.

  • The wondrous wall of books
    Have you ever seen a wall made out of colour-coded historical hardcovers? One of the many creative backdrops in our office, this one takes the cake as my absolute favourite.

Are you looking for a quirky content writing team? Talk to us!


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