“I’m kind of a big deal”

Why it’s okay to talk about yourself, and how to do it well

We love to laugh at characters like Ron Burgundy, shamelessly promoting himself wherever he goes.

We call people like that arrogant, proud, or braggart for talking about themselves in such bold terms and showing off their achievements.

After all, no one likes a show-off.

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But in the world of business promotion, the ones who are willing to talk about themselves loudly and proudly are the ones who are winning.

There’s a misconception — especially in New Zealand — that talking about yourself or your achievements with any kind of pride is arrogant. It gives you an icky feeling to do it, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Customers want to know about your business, they want to know why it’s better than the others, what awards you’ve won, how many people are loving it — so tell them! If customers can’t get this information because you’re afraid of showing off, they’ll click on your competitors who are happy to share their success.

This is an essential part of building trust using “social proof”. When customers trust your brand and see evidence of others buying, enjoying, or awarding your product/service, it can sway them into choosing you over a competitor. 

We shy away from showing off because we mistake confidence for arrogance, but there’s a big difference:

  • Confidence is healthy, arrogance is toxic 
  • Confidence is grounded in evidence, arrogance is unwarranted and exaggerated

Confidence, self-promotion and showing off are vital parts of growing a business, but they don’t have to be painful. Talking about yourself is not only okay but a winning business tactic, and we want to help you do it well.

In order to grow, you have to show

It’s as simple as that: you can’t grow a business if no one knows who you are or how good you are. Showing off your achievements, successes and recognitions is simply good business.

Among the many benefits of self-promotion, the most tangible are:

  • Instil confidence in your product/service/brand

    Weak promotion leads to weak writing, which discourages confidence in your brand. If you want your customers to believe in it, you have to meet them halfway — show them that you’re proud of your product, that you think it’s worth shouting about, and that confidence will be infectious.
  • Build trust for your company

    When people need something done right, they look to the experts, which means you need to establish yourself as an expert if you’re hoping to compete for their business. One of the most common ways to do this is to share your knowledge and insights, find out how below.
  • Share ‘social proof’

    Social proof is the phenomena where customers will be more inclined to purchase or sign up if they see that other people have bought/used/enjoyed a product before. It’s as simple as talking about how many people have bought your product — see our tips below for how to use this to your advantage.   
  • Gain status as a ‘go-to’ company/provider

    Every company hopes to be the ‘go-to’ for their industry or niche, but what does it take to get there? Your customers need to believe in you, trust you, and understand how good you are. Unless you’re one of the unicorns that has an army of vocal supporters at the ready, you’ve got to get this ball rolling yourself. Read on to find out how.

“It’s not bragging if you can back it up”

So how do you create these feelings of trust, confidence, and social proof in your company without being boastful? Take it from the great man himself, Muhammad Ali, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up”.

We here at BizStory Content love to share your achievements, and shout out loud how amazing our clients are. If you need help telling your story and building confidence in your brand, come talk to us.

So how can you back your business and promote it with confidence? We’ve got four foolproof ways to share your success:

1. Use testimonials

Let others say it! If you have happy customers, simply ask if they’d mind giving you a review or testimonial that you can use for advertising purposes. Potential customers are more likely to trust another consumer’s description over your own sales pitch, so lean in and let the good reviews amplify your message.

2. Do case studies

A case study is, in effect, an article-length testimonial that goes deeper into your customer’s journey: their struggle prior to finding your product, their experience finding and using it, and how their life has been changed for the better since. It creates a relatable story for your potential customers to see how their lives might also be changed by your product/service.

Using another’s words to speak highly of your company, a case study is also an easy way to shift focus and zero in on the benefit and positive impact that your business/product has on others, as opposed to a self-centric view of your features.

3. Celebrate your achievements

Did you win an award, achieve a company record, or just have an epic month? Share it! People want to celebrate with you, and potential customers want to see what awards or recognitions you’ve achieved. The one caveat? Don’t use your platform to humblebrag or be smug about how great you are, we all see straight through it.

If there were other nominees, mention them. If this was a year-long goal you’ve finally made, talk about the struggle to get there. Be graceful and vulnerable, let people see that you’re human and they’ll connect with your success. Here’s a good article with tips to help.

4. Share your knowledge

The smartest way to talk about yourself authentically, and make sure everyone knows you’re an expert is to share your insight and knowledge on a topic people are interested in.

Using facts, research, and first-hand experience, you can let your customers know why you’re the company they can rely on. Present your take on a topic, and add value to your customers’ experience on your site. 

Let others do the talking

Authentic testimonials, case studies, and thought leader articles can be tricky to do well on your own. Customers may only tell you what they think you want to hear, you may not even be asking the right questions! Interviewing, writing, and editing all take time.

Isn’t there an easier way?

There is. When you entrust your self-promotion to a company like BizStory Content, we take care of the process for you, making sharing your successes simple and straightforward.

We’re the experts at crafting compelling case studies, inspiring thought-leader articles, and interviewing for authentic testimonials that will boost your brand.


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