Whose opinion matters most when writing your website content?

Navigating a customer-centric vs company-centric approach

You’ve been showcasing your business for years: you know your USP, the features and benefits, and who to target. You’re confident in your ability to connect with prospects and convert them to customers.

Now it’s time for a new website — that old clunker from 2012 isn’t looking so hot any more, and your new-kid-on-the-block competitors are attracting profitable attention with their sleek, minimalist site.

So you start writing your website. You’ll have pages of information, tell potential customers everything they need to know about your product/service. You’re not afraid of showing off, so you’ll let them know why you’re great and how knowledgeable you are. There’ll be no doubt that you’re the expert, the go-to guy, the company they just have to buy from.

But the customers aren’t engaging. You aren’t getting the results you hoped for, even with your new and shiny web design. So what’s going on? Are millennials ruining the internet again, or is it something else?

The answer could lie in your words.

When you were busy writing your website, were you thinking about your customer, or thinking about your company?

If you were thinking about your company, you need this article.

A recent study by Deloitte found that customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable than non-customer-centric companies. At every level of a business relationship — every stage of the customer journey — customers respond to and engage better with content that puts their best interests front and centre.

Everything you design, every process you implement, every sentence you write should be crafted with your customer in mind – and how your business’s services can add value to their experience.

The customer is king, and, as cliche as it is, the old business adage still stands:

The customer is always right

Consider this meme that has been doing the rounds in UX (user experience designer) circles …

Image courtesy of Medium

Even competent designers sometimes get too caught up thinking about what they want a project to look like, and forget to consider how the user will actually interact with their design every day.

As a result, the ‘user’ here ignores the perfectly lovely pathway and instead goes their own way, as clearly many others have done before them too.

The same goes for your website, both in design and text. If your website doesn’t give a user the experience they want, they’ll choose another company.

So how can you make sure customers walk your way?

The first rule of being customer-centric is that you don’t just talk about what your company does.

It sounds contradictory, but essentially what you need to do is shift focus from what you can provide to what your customers can gain:

Recent studies have predicted that by the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Now is the time to get on board.

Customers want content and design that puts them at the centre, and it’s more than just a desire — it’s an expectation.

So how do you pivot your website content to make your customer the hero at the centre of your business?

You begin by listening to your customers. The best way to put yourself in their shoes, to see the company from their perspective, is to listen to what they say about it.

In particular, listen for: 

  • What are their questions? 
  • What are their problems or concerns?
  • Why do they come to you?
  • What is important to them?
  • How do they use your product?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you’ll have reached a good starting point to write your website and compete with that slick new-kid-on-the-block website next door.

Writing quality, customer-centric content can be hard, we know. We’ve spent years learning and perfecting our craft, in order to help businesses like yours to compete in the online marketplace.

When you’re refreshing your website or creating a new one, don’t waste time stressing about how to do it yourself - get the experts on board. From construction to corporate, dental to web design, we get to the heart of your business, your industry, and your customers to write engaging content that converts.

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