We know how to write for websites. And we love it.

If you’re designing websites, you know you’ll eventually need to update the words. 

By now, you also know that content can be a dangerous game. It’s often the thing that makes or breaks a great website.

We seriously love writing up web content for our partners!

How many times have you put in extra hours to deliver a great design only to have your client deliver poor content?

It’s not that your client hasn’t tried their best but, for various reasons, you’re now faced with:

  • Robotic words that don’t match the theme
  • Many edits
  • No time in the project to make them

The content is late and let’s not even mention SEO at this stage.

We’re here to make sure you nail the content side of the equation, no matter how many projects you’ve got on.  

For us, it’s about making sure you complete your website project on time and on budget. 

You get paid sooner and your client walks away with a website they can’t wait to share.  Word of mouth is the best advertising anyone can hope for!

Hold court with the right player

A regular champion, popular sports superstar Rafael Nadal is a huge presence on the tennis court. He is particularly dominant when he plays on clay courts; hardly anyone can beat him. 

But what happens when he plays on a grass court? His effectiveness drops considerably. That’s not a knock on Nadal, he just performs much better on clay.

Writers, like athletes, perform differently when they step onto various “courts”.

We know how to play the game right

You might find your client is a great writer when it comes to writing press releases about their field. Your client might have even won several accolades with their prose. But what is their track record for writing for a website? 

Writing for a website is a different type of court. Some might even say it’s a completely new ball game.

Jessica Vick Traff1k D1g1tal

“As an agency, we need a content partner that really gets web copywriting.

The BizStory team don’t just create content, but content that our clients love and their customer’s actually want to read.

That’s because they take the time to really understand our clients – it’s what sets them apart from the rest.”

– Jessica Vick, Traff1k D1g1tal

Traff1k D1g1tal

Let’s play doubles: you take design, we’ll take content

We are good at learning about your client and taking them on a journey.

We get them thinking about what’s possible with their content and how they can win online. 

From there, we help them firm up their brand identity and voice, so we can deliver hard-hitting content. Of course, we’re always following SEO best practices and your design specs so we’re sure to create the right amount of web copy.

We know you’ve worked hard to deliver a great design. Our goal is purely to help you land a total victory.

Partners you can always count on

Play on: focus on what you love

We play team ball.

While you focus on doing the things you love, we smash the content. We’re all wordsmiths by trade and enjoy writing to suit your designs.

When it comes to working with us, we give you more. More dedicated writers, more time. There will never be an occasion when we’re too busy to work with you.

You also don’t have to worry about any overhead costs that come with expanding your services.

We serve up our game in Sydney

Based between our offices in Sydney and Auckland, BizStory is owned by Online Marketing Agency Group.

We offer web content services through trusted partners, servicing clients throughout Australia in:

  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • NSW 
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia 
  • Tasmania

See what our partners have to say...

"To get authenticity, BizStory holds workshops with our clients.

They nail down tone and voice so they can speak our client's lingo – they talk the talk before they walk the walk. 

And our clients love it as the BizStory team is able to pinpoint and discover new aspects of their business that they didn't see before."

Greg Wallace
"Impressions really matter. So we wanted to help our clients complement their new bold, vibrant website designs with the right words. Through the grapevine, we heard of BizStory and got in touch with them. 

After working with BizStory on our first project, I knew partnering with them was a great choice. Not only was the client happy, but the phone was ringing with new jobs."

Tonia Hill

“Writing for an online audience isn’t a copy and paste job. We discovered this when our clients used their existing content to try and complete their new website. They then complained about not getting any enquiries...

BizStory demonstrated that writing for the web goes beyond just being good at writing. When we relaunched a website with BizStory content we saw an instant spike in relevant traffic and enquiries. The proof was in the content.” 

Thinus du Preez

Some of the brands we write for...

Auckland Transport
Otago Polytechnic

Why our partners take to the court with us

The BizStory content we serve up is:

  • Ready to go. Your client loves it and it fits your design.
  • On time. No more waiting, wishing or hoping for a grand slam.
  • Hassle free. You focus on what you love and leave the words to us.
Content partners we love working with

Contact us to get a programme that highlights the content we serve up including prices.


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