We love preparing content for websites. It’s our jam!

Copywriting for the web has been our speciality for nearly a decade.

We understand the ins-and-outs, the subtleties, that make readers crave more. 

A key ingredient for great websites is good content. Beyond that, there’s two other ingredients: your show-stopping design and the functionality that supports it.

Create a great flavour with content that complements your design.

Like a good sous chef, we make sure the content is prepared so it complements your final product.

Your client enjoys every ingredient and you enjoy moving on to your next creation much sooner than expected.

Stop leaving so much extra time for content mishaps. We’ve got your back with content written for websites.

Web writing is an acquired skill

If there’s one thing MasterChef has taught us it’s that there are heaps of different styles and techniques out there. While you might be an expert in braising lamb, you might find baking tiramisu to be ridiculously difficult.

Writers, like chefs, suit particular styles better than others.

Content cooked the right way

While your client may be a natural writer who really knows their stuff, writing for a website isn’t a piece of cake.

It requires a different set of skills and tools. It takes time to perfect, much like mastering how to cook a souffle.

We make it easy for your clients because we’ve taken the time to perfect the art of writing for websites.

“BizStory is the icing on the cake. It lets designers and developers offer web content as a part of their service.”

– Alastair Wilson, Toast


Treat your clients to a good course: you take design, we’ll take content

Your strength is design. Our strength, of course, is creating content. When we work together we create a culinary fusion that delights.

Our flavour profile complements your plating techniques. Together, our skills leave your client with a refreshing dish they’ll want to savour. 

Not only will our content suit your design but it will be crafted with best practices in mind.

All artisans are ruled by the ratios and measures. We’ll make sure the recipe is balanced for success.

Clients who need you to establish their online presence will be thrilled with the results. Those who need content marketing services beyond their website can now call upon you as well.

We're here to serve you good content

We spice things up while you focus on what you love

We work with those who love to focus on design, web strategy and/or development. 

We help you deliver the perfect dish with our web content.

Let’s get cooking!

Our content "kitchen" is in Auckland

Based in Auckland, BizStory is owned by Online Marketing Agency Group. 

We offer web content services through trusted partners, servicing clients throughout New Zealand in the North and South Island.

See what our partners have to say...

"To get authenticity, BizStory holds workshops with our clients.

They nail down tone and voice so they can speak our client's lingo – they talk the talk before they walk the walk. 

And our clients love it as sometimes the BizStory team is able to pinpoint and discover new aspects of their business that they didn't see before."

Greg Wallace
"Impressions really matter. So we wanted to help our clients complement their new bold, vibrant website designs with the right words. Through the grapevine, we heard of BizStory and got in touch with them. 

After working with BizStory on our first project, I knew partnering with them was a great choice. Not only was the client happy, but the phone was ringing with new jobs."

Tonia Hill

“Writing for an online audience isn’t a copy and paste job. We discovered this when our clients used their existing content to try and complete their new website. They then complained about not getting any enquiries...

BizStory demonstrated that writing for the web goes beyond just being good at writing. When we relaunched a website with BizStory content we saw an instant spike in relevant traffic and enquiries. The proof was in the content.” 

Thinus du Preez

Some of the brands we write for...

Auckland Transport
Otago Polytechnic

Why our partners love our main course

  • Well-written content rates highly with humans and search engines.
  • You don’t have to wait ages for your client to deliver content to get paid.
  • You can get to your next project much more quickly.
Always get a top quality cut of content from BizStory

Contact us to see what is on the menu


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