From karate to copywriting: an unlikely beginning

The founders of BizStory met whilst punching each other in the face, karate-style. They soon discovered there were better ways to communicate, and from that revelation, BizStory was born – focussing on (non-violent) email marketing communication.

Copywriting in Auckland and Sydney

Over the years, we realised we were doing more than just email marketing.

Not only were we helping our clients to find their brand personality, we were giving them killer content solutions – both for engaging their target audience and positioning their business on the market.

Today, BizStory is a copywriting agency with a few extra special touches.
We’ve got offices in Auckland and Sydney, and work with web designers, digital agencies and businesses all over the world.

Filling a gap in the industry

We realised long ago that there was a gap in the digital industry – a need for a copywriting agency that could deliver high-quality, engaging content, that didn’t require long waits and delayed deadlines.

So we decided to fill it.


With BizStory, we aim to shake up the copywriting industry and shake off the misconceptions surrounding it. We provide high-quality and effective copywriting services that go far beyond just the words (though we ensure those are damn good, too).


We partner with web designers, marketing managers and digital agencies. And while we offer them all something slightly different, there’s one thing it's got in common: we make their lives easier.

Our partnerships are less one-night-stand, more long-term relationship. We focus on building valuable relationships with our partners, offering copywriting solutions that fit with their website design, SEO campaign or marketing strategy.


We help businesses find their voice and figure out how to talk to their customers in ways they actually understand and respond to. And our content cake has more than one cherry on top: it’s formatted for web and mobile, SEO-fitted and always original.

What’s more, our winning (secret) formula, the BizStory Method, means we can write for any industry. No, really. Any at all.

Teamwork makes the dream work

In terms of the BizStory team, we’re a bunch of friendly, open and (occasionally) witty individuals, partial to a bit of foosball from time to time. These qualities go for all of our relationships with our partners, too (if you swap foosball for beer).

Each member brings a different quality that makes BizStory the kickass team that it is.

We’ve got a couple of wordy-people, salesy-people and a couple of people that do a bit of everything (think research, strategy and SEO).

And if you hadn’t already guessed, we’re pretty keen on words. And using those words to help our clients find their voices and beam them out to the world.

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Some of the brands we've worked with:


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