We know how to obey the content law

Since 2010, we have worked with web designers and developers to build websites that meet their clients’ expectations by delivering dynamic copywriting for the web.

Throughout the years, we’ve noticed the best outcomes happen when everyone involved in a website project is on the same page – and all the elements are considered at the same time.

We know how content should be governed

So, you’re looking at how each of the following complement each other:

  1. Technology and functionality
  2. Design and
  3. Content 

We know you’ve got the first two points covered. Yet, we also know you want content written for websites. Why?

So that when you deliver the final website to your client, the content suits your design and complements your hard work.

Call for the right kind of backup

There’s nothing worse than being partnered up with someone who “thinks” they can do the job. 

You might find your client is a great writer when it comes to writing press releases about their business. Your client might have even won several accolades with their prose. But what is their track record for writing for a website?

Writing for a website requires a different skillset. One that may leave your client frustrated.

So why not skip this awful – and potentially awkward – scene and hook up with a partner who’s totally got your back?

A partner who can keep up and hit their targets.

We're a phone call away - we can help
Alastair Wilson from Toast

“I love that I don’t have to chase up my clients for their content. With BizStory, all I have to do is copy and paste the content they send me. Easy as that.”

– Alastair Wilson, Toast

Toast Logo

We got you covered! You take design, we’ll take content

Our website copywriting service focuses on your client’s:
  • target customer persona, 
  • brand identity and 
  • business objectives for Google. 

We bring it all together with the right web structure. You’re not left with content that doesn’t fit within your design.

Keep the peace with our content

In this rapidly changing digital environment, it’s our mission to give organisations a leading edge when it comes to their web content capabilities. Your small business clients can now use you to build their content presence online while your large brand clients can use you to implement their content marketing initiatives.

Ready to be a force to be reckoned with?

We split the workload so you get to focus on what you love

We work with those who love to focus on design, web strategy and/or development. We help you shoot for the win with our web content. It’s a match made in heaven, a perfect one-two combo.

We provide you with a scalable content team without the ongoing operational overheads.

Trusted content partners

We've got "stations" in Sydney and Auckland

Based between our offices in Sydney and Auckland, BizStory is owned by the Online Marketing Agency Group.

We offer web content services through trusted partners, servicing clients in:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • UK

See what our partners have to say...

"To get authenticity, BizStory holds workshops with our clients.

They nail down tone and voice so they can speak our client's lingo – they talk the talk before they walk the walk.

And our clients love it as BizStory is able to pinpoint and discover new aspects of their business that they didn't see before."

Greg Wallace
"Impressions really matter. So we wanted to help our clients complement their new bold, vibrant website designs with the right words. Through the grapevine, we heard of BizStory and got in touch with them. 

After working with BizStory on our first project, I knew partnering with them was a great choice. Not only was the client happy, but the phone was ringing with new jobs."

Tonia Hill

“Writing for an online audience isn’t a copy and paste job. We discovered this when our clients used their existing content to try and complete their new website. They then complained about not getting any enquiries...

BizStory demonstrated that writing for the web goes beyond just being good at writing. When we relaunched a website with BizStory content we saw an instant spike in relevant traffic and enquiries. The proof was in the content.” 

Thinus du Preez

Some of the brands we write for...

Auckland Transport
Otago Polytechnic

A glimpse into a beautiful friendship

BizStory content is:

  • Written by specialists who understand the website structure and potential. 
  • Written so search engines, like Google, can find it.
  • Written so your client digs it.
Content partners you can trust

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