Hold the advantage with copywriting for the web that backs up your grand design

Win over clients with a powerful serve

It’s no secret you need a great partner to stand a chance online. You have an excellent design-hand so you want someone who can deliver championship-level web copywriting services

Raise your game with dominant copywriting. Web content that delivers. 

Call match point.

Isn't it time you played doubles with a real content player?

Cut to the chase

Gone are the days when you have to chase up your clients for their website content. 

Writing, particularly copywriting for websites, can take up a lot of time and resource for your clients. 

Never hear the phrase "we'll get the content to you next week" again by partnering with us.

Stop chasing after clients for their content

Move up the SEO ladder

Keeping SEO in mind, our content is delivered with keyword optimisation. 

Your client will be in a position to turn the tables in their favour with strong foundations in place for better online rankings. 

We help your clients take their game to an all new level!

Move up the SEO ranks with a killer game

Take the match with online content and move onto your next tournament with ease

Add copywriting to your game
Play a stress-free game with a partner who's got your back.

Lock down new website content without the stress

Receive web content ready to post. It fits your design. It looks good. It’s original and it’s made for human consumption. 

So, going live with your client’s site is only a few easy clicks away. No last minute rewrites required!

Play a stress-free game with a partner who's got your back.

We create a united front

We coordinate our movements, just like in any good doubles match. 

We don’t cross into your court space, we just anticipate and assist. 

We seamlessly act as an extension of you, with the same end goal in sight. 

To develop web content while you perfect design, we hold a customised workshop with your client to discover their voice and work with them to keep to deadlines. 

Our professionalism and dedication will always mirror your business values and beliefs.

Ask us about our guarantee and book in a chat.

Keep it local with your copywriting

Stay local and vocal

All online content is written using the BizStory Content process.

Our office is based in Sydney, but we service clients in any state. 

We also have an office in Auckland, NZ, which we like to mention in case your business takes you over the ditch.

Copywriting and design - a killer one, two.

Good sportsmanship and fair play: our BizStory Guarantee™

Along with the ongoing support of an account manager and a writing team who align with your business processes, you can rest easy that we have your back. 

We want to tour the nation with you or even go to international competitions!

This also means your client's interests and brand protection are of the utmost importance to us. We keep their information secure and behave like the best of the best.

View the range of website copywriting services on offer for you and your client.

See what our partners have to say...

"To get authenticity, BizStory holds workshops with our clients.

They nail down tone and voice so they can speak our client's lingo – they talk the talk before they walk the walk. 

And our clients love it as the BizStory team is able to pinpoint and discover new aspects of their business that they didn't see before."

Greg Wallace
"Impressions really matter. So we wanted to help our clients complement their new bold, vibrant website designs with the right words. Through the grapevine, we heard of BizStory and got in touch with them. 

After working with BizStory on our first project, I knew partnering with them was a great choice. Not only was the client happy, but the phone was ringing with new jobs."

Tonia Hill

“Writing for an online audience isn’t a copy and paste job. We discovered this when our clients used their existing content to try and complete their new website. They then complained about not getting any enquiries...

BizStory demonstrated that writing for the web goes beyond just being good at writing. When we relaunched a website with BizStory content we saw an instant spike in relevant traffic and enquiries. The proof was in the content.” 

Thinus du Preez

Some of the brands we write for...

Auckland Transport
Otago Polytechnic


The ball is in your court. If you have any major questions, please feel free to check out these FAQs

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